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Zero was one of the Pure Witches of the Church and the last fully-fledged Pope. She served as the overarching main antagonist of the first half of the series. Acting as a secondary antagonist of Volume 2 and the primary antagonist of the first half of Volume 3.


Despite having lived for over centuries, Zero has the appearance of a beautiful young woman with light red eyes and long white hair.

In the manhua adaptation, she is portrayed to have pointy ears. Although it was mentioned in the chapter 310 of the web novel that she "looks like a pure elf", that was only referring to her white hair and her white robe. There is not any mention of her ears being pointed in any part of the web novel.


Zero was a psychotic and egotistical woman who believed all she did, regardless of how horrific, was for God's sake. In her view, every event and encounter was a deliberate act by God to push her towards her 'destiny' while everyone else were nothing more than stepping stones for her ascension. She also believed she was the only one chosen by god, therefore she hated the idea when Isabella implies that her god is protecting a mortal like Roland. Whether god's protection exists or not, Roland had luck, technology and time on his side.

Before consuming Garcia she was dull and indifferent, albeit somewhat nihilistic and sadistic, not caring much about the Church and only enjoying fighting people. After consuming Garcia Wimbledon, however, within her had awoken ambitions and sense of purpose. As time went on, she became "more like the Pope" according to Isabella. A good reason why she suddenly became like that was perhaps her absorbing Garcia's ambitious, cunning and vicious personality. After that, Garcia takes on another personality in the dream world in order to make up for the loss. 

Due to her extensive knowledge and experience in battle, Zero was quite overconfident and willing to go out of her way to assist her opponents during mental battle so she could enjoy a challenge.

Her personality changed when in the face of Roland, during their confrontation in the Soul Battlefield, as she grew wary of his actions and even her usual overconfident persona toned down significantly. Perhaps to her, this was the first time she encountered the unknown from another world, which resulted in her loss. After being killed constantly by multiple "weapons" in a slippery floor, Zero tried to prevent her upcoming loss and in order to turn the tide, she attempted to use Garcia and Wimbledon III's face and voice to persuade Roland. However this failed badly as the Roland she fought was actually now Cheng Yan, who had never met either and thus had no feeling towards them; as a result, Zero failed.

After losing to Roland, the remnant of her personality acts like an ordinary girl, who cares deeply about Roland, and prefers to stay with him than go back to her family. She has shown signs of maturity despite her age. She often gets annoyed when Roland doesn't pay any attention to her, especially after arrival of Phyllis and other Taquila Witches.



  • What Zero considered God was actually Human's Legacy shard, which contains data of the civilisation, including their magic and wisdom. Since, all legacy shards are connected one can meet guardians of other civilisations through human's legacy shard, which Zero mistook as a work of god.
  • Zero from Drakengard 3 was recognized by Er Mu as an accurate representation of what Zero would look like.
  • Zero's weakness was her knowledge being limited compared to someone from modern Earth & also that she can't activate her soul battle in presence of god's stone of retaliation.