Zero was one of the Pure Witches of the Church and the last fully fledged Pope. She served as the overarching main antagonist of the first half of the series. Acting as a secondary antagonist of volume 2 and the primary antagonist of the first half of volume 3.

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Zero looks like a young woman with light red eyes and long white hair.

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Zero is a psychotic woman who believes all she does, regardless of how horrific, is for God's sake. All who get in the way of her goals are treated as nothing more than stepping stones.

Before consuming Garcia she was dull and indifferent, enjoying only fighting people. After consuming the third princess, within her had awoke ambitions and sense of purpose. As time went on, she became "more like the Pope" according to Isabella.

Due to her extensive knowledge and experience in battle, Zero is quite overconfident and willing to go out of her way to assist her opponents during mental battle so she can enjoy a challenge.

After losing to Roland, the remnant of her personality acts like an ordinary girl, who loves her uncle.

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Zero is an experienced fighter, having the combined abilities and experience of all the people she had absorbed over the years, including civilians, knights, Witches and even Judges. Her participation alone could turn the tide of a huge battle, even against drugged soldiers.

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Her ability belonged to the Summoning type.

Zero's magic allows her reduce herself to an energy form to enter the mind of her target for a battle of dominance. When inside, the appearance of the environment initially takes on the form of a place the target knows. Both sides are allowed to create and use any weapon, as long as they understand the concept behind said weapon. The fight continues until one side become exhausted mentally, whether from multiple deaths or from overworking their mind during the duel. The winner takes everything and the other loses all, including both knowledge and body. This makes her the oldest active witch alive as the living tissue she absorbs from the defeated is used to revitilize her body dispersing any degeneration from aging, allowing her to be perpectually at the peak of adulthood.

Though it bears the disadvantage that she can become nothing more than an amalgation of minds making the current mental state very vulnerable to changes on her sense of values and ego if the person has very strong views or induces a hedonistic or nihilistic disposition due to constant use upon people of regular mentality. The exception is in case the target surrenders which makes her mental state suffer no changes even after acquiring the target's memories.

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Church Edit

As one of the Purified, Zero professes absolute loyalty towards the Church and its endeavors. However, this doesn't necessarily translate into absolute obedience to all of its members of the upper echelon.

O’Brien Edit

Zero has the utmost respect for O'Brien, having been trained as a pure witch to unfailingly obey both him and his predecessors. O'Brien himself groomed Zero to be one of his two potential heirs along with Mayne, purposely sending Zero to consume the King of Wolfheart and the Queen of Clearwater to re-enforce in her the ambition required of a leader, and purposefully ordering his personal guards to serve whoever won the battle of the souls between her and Mayne.

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Mayne Edit

Later she has a battle of dominance with Mayne to determine who the new Pope of the church after O'Brien will be, and wins. She then conceals this fact, acting officially as Mayne's representative.

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Garcia Wimbledon Edit

In the Wolfsheart Kingdom, she has a battle of dominance with Garcia and consumes her. However, Garcia's ambitious nature affects Zero more than she expected, eventually encouraging her to consume Mayne and take control of the Church herself.

Roland Wimbledon Edit

As he poses the greatest threat to her church, Zero is both intrigued by Roland and desires his demise. She attempts to have a battle of dominance with Roland to consume him.[1] That battle leads to her undoing because she doesn't have the scientific knowledge of various concepts on how things work, trying to devour Roland led to her own demise instead. A remnant of Zero continues to exist as a "roommate" in the battle of dominance mental world Roland gains permanent access to as a result of consuming her, serving as a guide to the various memories and experiences Zero had gained in life.

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  • Zero from Drakengard 3 was recognized by Er Mu as an accurate representation of what Zero would look like.

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