Yorko, also known as Magic Hand, is an infamous playboy of the former King's City.

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He's a pale-looking, slightly oversized man with stubby fingers and a curly Mohawk.[1]

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Yorko is a playboy who prefers to spend his time with women rather than performing any serious business. While he is willing to carry out any orders directed to him from Roland, he does not go out of his way to commit any meritous action. He expresses his intentions to ignore Otto Luoxi as the noble who only brings bad news whereas he would prefer to spend his time fooling around with women.

When he is with women, he treats them with respect, which is probably what makes him so popular in the first place.

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Yorko was among few friends of original prince Roland, together they repeatedly had visited brothels and ladies. Roland revered him and his skills and asked to learn it but was refused.[2]

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Approached Roland after Timothy's defeat in the hope of receiving benefits due to his status as a friend. Assigned to become ambassador of the Kingdom of Dawn.[3]

With help from Otto Luoxi and Hill Fawkes, he helped witches from Kingdom of Dawn to escape to Kingdom of Graycastle.

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Yorko was a good friend of the previous Roland.

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Hill Fawkes is Yorko's bodyguard, assigned to him by Roland himself.

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