Witches are a species derived from mortals found in the world Release that Witch is set in.

Note: This page contains a list of the witches from the book. For a list of all significant characters, including the witches, visit Characters.

Appearance Edit

With the exception of greater physical beauty and faster body health regeneration, there are no major physical differences between normal people and witches. They can also have unnatural hair color, as seen in the picture to the right with Sylvie (top) and Shavi (middle).

Background Edit

Witches are mortal women who start to absorb magic power, and become a new species. Witches awaken their powers at a random moment in their lives, usually during puberty; if a woman doesn't awaken by the time they turn 18, they will never be a witch for their rest of their lifespan. Witches are sterile, perhaps due to the fact that they have magic power and cannot share it with mortals. Roland, however, believes it may be due to witches being an evolved form of humanity and thus have genetic difference that make their DNA incompatible for reproduction with old humanity.

About 1 out of 100 women can become a witch, and then only 1 in 10 witches exhibit "combat" powers, this includes Extraordinaries. Evolution may unlock combat powers for initially non-combat witches.

There 3 important events for a witch:

  1. Day of Awakening: Awakening of their ability.
  2. Day of Adulthood: Improvement of their ability with a chance to gain a Branch ability.
  3. High Awakening / Evolution: Improvement of the ability by obtaining a better understanding of their ability and possible use.

Witches can feel an awakening call. Magic power would gather inside a witch's body on the aforementioned Day of Awakening. During this process, a witch would not only be able to feel the weird changes inside her body, but also, for a majority of witches, they would be unable to restrain the strange magic power, causing them to use their newly-gained ability involuntarily.

For witches who awakened only near the end of adulthood, it was as if they never had a Day of Adulthood. Their magic powers were never able to develop and thus remained in the pre-adulthood form forever. Naturally, they didn't have the derivative skills and steady growth that were unique to adulthood. We don't know if such witches were able to have High Awakenings, but if they were unable to develop, the problems with their magic power would bug them for the rest of their lives.[1]

The self-reinforcing witches are called Extraordinaries. These witches never suffer magic energy backlash as their bodies are always using magic energy. They are also immune to the effects of God stone of Retaliation, and can use them offensively, evolved Extraordinaries are called Transcendants.

The red mist required for the Demons respiration is fatal to witches.

Abilities Edit

A witches' body gathers magic energy starting from the day they awaken. This fuels their magic ability(ies). What kind of magic ability they have can't be determined beforehand, but upon awakening the witch mysteriously 'knows' what her ability is. Witches also get the following enhancements after awakening: slight self-healing, physical beauty, slower aging, in general live healthier, and the temperament is changed too.[2]

List of Witches Edit

Notes: this will be cleaned up later; list of powers can be found in the Magic page.

Witch Union (From Kingdom of Graycastle) Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Anna Ch 1 Fire Generation & Immunity

Heart Fire (Fire Manipulation)

Blackfire (Flame Solidification)

Queen, Factory worker, R&D (various)
Nana Pine Ch 10 Healing

Object Enchanting

Lucia White Ch 216 Material separation

Element separation Material identification (color)

R&D (material engineering), material production
Paper Ch 365 Chemical reaction catalyst (eg: snow melts faster, hot water cools faster, concrete dries faster) Factory/lab assistant
Agatha Ch 150, 316, 336 Ice manipulation

Cold manipulation

Lab Assistant
Spear Passi Ch 412 Magic Power Channeling Additional "Battery" for Mystery Moon
Summer Ch 465 Past Event Recreation Police Investigator
Sharon Ch 753 / Ch 757 Electricity-generating Student

Witch Union (Former Witch Cooperation Association) Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Nightingale Ch 19 Mistwalker (invisibility, spatial travel through physical objects & long distances, magic & lie detection, spatial slash) Personal guard, interrogator, internal security force leader
Wendy Ch 56 Wind manipulation Witch Union Administrator
Lightning Ch 59 Flight

High-Speed Flight

Magic Synchronization (In high-speed flights protects her from damage)

Scout, sometimes works with the First Army
Leaf Ch 75 Plant manipulation

Forestheart (control of the Hidden Forest, plant avatar, greater plant manipulation, domain detection ability)

Crop breeder,

Assists Graycastle by using her ability to merge with a part of the Misty Forest

Scroll Ch 97 (Transcendent)

Photographic memory

Book of Illusion (Book generation)

Enhanced calculation abilities

Minister of Education
Hummingbird Ch 98 Weight manipulation (inorganic objects) Ministry of Construction
Soraya Zoen Ch 98 Photographic painting

Magic coating

Magic brush

All-rounder; creates coatings for everything (plumbing etc), photos (IDs, intelligence gathering etc), art (playing cards, shower room decor, etc).
Echo Ch 98 Audiographic Memory

Empathic Voice

Theater musician & singer

Leader of Osha Clan.

Lily Ch 98 Microorganisms Commanding, Assimilation, Sterilization, Replication & Storing Medic
Mystery Moon Ch 98 Magnetic enchantment touch

Electric enchantment touch

Electricity generation

Witch Union (From Sleeping Island) Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Maggie Ch 163, 295 Shapeshifts into over-sized birds

Shapeshifts into massive flying demonic beast (Dreadbeast)

Sleeping Island messenger, scout, transport, mascot
Evelyn Ch 255 Creates wine

Creates chaos drinks

Barkeep, winery
Candle Ch 255 Material state preservation touch (eg: protects machine tools from wear & tear, prevents ice from melting) Factory worker

Witch Union (From Kingdom of Dawn/Wolfheart) Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Annie Ch 536 / Ch 653 Heat Generation Factory worker
Amy Ch 650 Body Health Regeneration Nil
Broken Sword Ch 671 Shapeshifts into blade-like objects, amplifying another witch's ability up to 200% Magic enhancer
Hero Ch 671 Disease Transfer Medic

Witch Union (From Kingdom of Everwinter) Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Momo Ch 1246 Death Perception Works in the Administrative Office with Scroll, providing certain statistical information[3]
Thylane Ch 1246 Magic Pill (enchanting a substance to make it delay/enhance one's either positive or negative feelings upon consumption) Works with Nana Pine and provides medical services to Graycastle[3]

Witch Union (Former Pure Witches) Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Margie Ch 625 Creates a boat/ark that phases through earth that doesn't require water Scout
Vanilla Ch 625 Scent Tracking Tracker
Isabella Ch 310 Manipulates God Punishment stones (eg: disable) Pure Witch, Post-war Church Administrator

Sleeping Island (Tilly Wimbledon Faction) Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Tilly Wimbledon Ch 168 / Ch 203 (Extraordinary) Enhanced mental ability Sleeping Island leader, Aerial Knight leader
Ashes Ch 146 (Extraordinary) Enhanced physical ability Combat witch, KIA
Andrea Quinn Ch 324 Magic Bow Construction

Magic Arrow Generation

Enhanced Accuracy

Magical Beam Emission

Combat witch
Molly Ch 203 Materialized Guardian Physical Work Replacement, Boat Protector
Lotus Ch 222 Earth manipulation Ministry of Construction
Breeze Ch 324 Field Control Combat witch
Sylvie Ch 255 Eye of truth (360° & x-ray & telescopic vision, magic & lie detection) Scout, Sentinel
Honey Ch 255 Beast Tongue (Temporary Beast Taming)

Animal Messenger (Animal to Animal Transferring Taming)

Grooms avian messengers,

She's also in charge of the Ministry of Public Relations and Communications[4]

Shavi Ch 222 Barrier Combat witch
Shadow Ch 145 Illusions & sound manipulation Mercenary (hired by Thunder)
Orbit Ch 320 Creates portals (others up to 20 feet, self up to 10 feet)

Portal authorization (only usable/seen by those she has marked)

Mercenary (hired by Thunder), scout
Camilla Dary Ch 495 Mind Resonance Sleeping Island administrator
Della Ch 589 Pain immunization Medic
Pandora Ch 903 Stops bleeding Medic
Azima Ch 900 Source Tracing Graycastle east region sub-faction leader
Doris / Little Orchid Ch 901 Demonification Graycastle east region sub-faction
Whitepear Ch 951 ? Graycastle east region sub-faction
Darkcloud Ch 944 Dye any object she laid her hands on Factory worker
Slimwrist Ch 945 Carving ability Factory worker

Sleeping Island (Bloodfang Association Faction) Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Heidi Morgan Ch 537 / Ch 589 Implosion Inducement Bloodfang Union leader, KIA
Skyflare Ch 536 / Ch 589 Fire breath Bloodfang Union vice-leader, KIA
Iffy Ch 530 Cages Conjuring Combat witch
Softfeathers Ch 530 Adhesion Manipulation Trap assistant
Nightfall Ch 589 Lifeseeds (sleep, poison, healing symbiosis) Medic
Shavi Ch 537 ? ?

Pure Witches Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Zero Ch 310 Absorption of Souls, Memories and Lifespan Pure Witch, Pope, Student
Blackveil Ch 442 Anxiety Inducement

Fear Inducement

Sensory Inducement

Pure Witch, KIA
Aphra Ch 227 Shapeshifter

Shapeshifting Others

Pure Witch, KIA
Aurora Ch 414 Whip Generation

Magic Sensing Barrier Generation

Pure Witch, KIA
? (Presumed to be Storm) Ch 587 Telekinesis Pure Witch, KIA
? (Locust Witch) Ch 623 Steel Locust Swarm Transformation Pure Witch, KIA
Emma Ch 603 (Mentioned) ? Pure Witch, KIA
Gentlewoman Ch 619 (Mentioned) ? Pure Witch, KIA
Stormwind Ch Rock Manipulation Pure Witch, KIA
Shunu Ch ? Inner Council, KIA

Taquila Witches and Union/Witch Federation Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Alice (Transcendent) Fire annihilation sword Starfall Queen, deceased
Natalia (Transcendent) ? Sunchaser Queen, deceased
Eleanor (Transcendent) ? Moonradiance Queen, sealed in inert Central Carrier
Pasha Ch 655 ? Original Carriers, Taquila Survivors leader
Alethea Ch 675 ? Original Carriers, Taquila Survivors vice-leader (general)
Celine Ch 676 ? Original Carriers, researcher
Phyllis /

No. 76

Ch 649 Claw Retraction God Punishment Witch, Graycastle liaison
Elena Ch 676 ? God Punishment Witch, Raid leader, KIA
Zooey Ch 686 ? God Punishment Witch, Raid leader
Betty Ch 686 ? God Punishment Witch
Carol Ch 686 ? God Punishment Witch
Fran Ch 751 ? Devouring Worm #1
Faldi Ch 796 Insect Magic Tracking God Punishment Witch
Dawnen Ch 796 Absolute Concealment God Punishment Witch
Ling Ch 796 Shadow Merge God Punishment Witch
Jasmine Ch 830 ? Devouring Worm #2
Lyra Ch 830 ? Devouring Worm #3
Saint Miran Ch 1140 Imitation (Impersonate people connected to her) God Punishment Witch
Dido Ch 1140 Invisible Pocket/Bag God Punishment Witch

Others Edit

Name First Appearance Ability Occupation
Cara Ch 57 Snakes of Magic (multiple abilities) Witch Cooperation Association ex-leader
Joan Ch 563, 954 Partial Fish Transformation Ocean guide for Thunder's Sea Line exploration
Kabala Ch 136 Mind control Sandstone Clan's Goddess
Lorgar Burnflame Ch 763 Wolf Transformation Raging Flare Clan's Goddess
Sandra Sandrain Ch 764 Sand Control Sandstorm Clan's Goddess

Trivia Edit

  • Witches of the Witch Union have a tendency to call each other "sisters".
  • It is shown that the Church has a book, containing details about the different kinds of witches and their powers.
  • It was mentioned that a noble in King's City has a witch capable of changing temperatures; the name of the witch was never mentioned.[5]
  • Witches are known as divine ladies by mojin people. They are unique as no one hates or fears them in the Sand Nation.
  • Witches being sterile is the Cradle's way to manage memory allocated to magic being distributed properly. Though this may change with Roland in control
  • Witches quickly recuperate their strength with some sleep, whether due to physical or magical exhaustion.
    • Anna slept for a few days after expending all her magic, though her Day of Adulthood seemed to hasten her recovery.
    • Nana was similarly exhausted from healing a lot of people, but only needed a nap.
    • Innate powers like Sylvie and Nightingale's lie detection do not drain their magic.
    • Anna was not any less active the morning after a passionate night with Roland.
      • It's implied other nobles have used witches in this manner, due to their fast recuperation ability.

References Edit

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