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The Witch Union is an organization that takes in and protects witches from across the Kingdom of Graycastle; formed from what remained of the former organization Witch Cooperation Association. They are based in the Border Area of the City of Neverwinter, with its senior members holding important positions in the government.

By the end of the story, [Hide Spoiler] the Witch Union consists of 30+ witches[Show Spoiler].


The Witch Cooperation Association was originally formed by a few witches, including Cara, Scroll, and Wendy, in the Sea Wind Region who wished to protect themselves from persecution. They made their shelter in a forest and avoided contact with mortals.

Cara found a secret entrance in their shelter and discovered a book she called the Holy Book that talked about the devils. After the Church attacked their shelter, Cara decided to use the information in the book to lead her sisters to the Holy Mountain, a place rumored to be where witches can go through their Day of Awakening with no pain and live peacefully.[1]


First two witches Roland met were local inhabitants Anna and Nana from Border Town. Soon after that Roland met with Nightingale who came to take them away where they would be safe among other witches. To Nightingale's surprise, she was rejected and invited to stay with them.[2]

Weeks spent in Border Town changed her view of Roland and she agreed to bring all Association witches to Border Town.[3] However, Cara didn't believe her. Furthermore, she captured Nightingale and threatened to kill her unless she admitted being tricked by Roland. Nightingale managed to escape thanks to Wendy, who got gravely injured in the process. Together with Wendy and Lightning, who left voluntarily, she returned to Roland.[4]

Wendy swears loyalty to Roland, sparking the Union's birth.

Meanwhile, the Witch Cooperation Association went to the Barbarian Land where they were attacked by demons and scattered.[5] The remaining seven members who survived cold, demonic beasts, and Day of Awakening went to Border Town. There Roland formed new organization of 12 witches and called it Witch Union.[6]

Since its founding, the Witch Union was slowly integrated into Border Town (later the City of Neverwinter), with Nana and Anna being their most public members, while Scroll was highly respected for her position as a minister in city hall. Other witches like Soraya and Leaf helped with more basic needs for the town. Less than a year later, the Witch Union was made public knowledge and most of its members were helping out with industrial production or exploration. With the destruction of the Church and Timothy's reign ended, the Witch Union no longer had any enemies to fear from humanity.

A few members from Sleeping island and Bloodfang association also joined the Witch Union. Among the guests from Sleeping island, only Evelyn and Candle associated themselves with the witch union, while Slyvie associated herself with Tilly despite never returning back to the sleeping Island like Lotus and Honey.

The witch union also recruited witches from special backgrounds like Agatha from Taquila, Spear Passi - lord of Fallen Dragon ridge, surviving pure witches from the church and Lorgar from wildflame clan. Later, witches from kingdom of Wolfheart sold to nobles by Bloodfang association also joined the Witch Union.

By the Battle of Divine Will Saga, the Witch Union is officially recognized as its own division of the government; Wendy holds the rank equal to a minister as she is the leader of the Witch Union but isn't officially a minister like the rest of the City Hall officials.


The original base of the Witch Cooperation Association was a forest in the Sea Wind Region. After travelling westward, they made a temporary shelter in the Impassable Mountain Range.

The organization's final and current base is inside Border Town. They currently stay inside the castle but there are already plans for building a separate base for the Union's exclusive use.


When the Witch Cooperation Association settled in Western Region, the organization had 65+ members.[7] Two twin witches died during Day of Awakening, and Nightingale, Wendy and Lightning left after conflict with Cara.

At the foot of Snow Mountain they encountered 2 demons and lost dozens of witches in the clash. The fleeing witches were attacked twice by demonic boars and hybrid wolves, leaving only 8 survivors who reached their camp in the Impassable Mountain Range. When Leaf reunited with them, 2 died of the Demonic Bite, thereby leaving them with 7 members who survived. Remaining members went to Border Town and formed the core of Witch Union.

Thanks to Roland's revelation that they can completely negate the chance of death during their Day of Awakening and increase their proficiency in the use of their magic through daily usage, the witches individual skill and magic capacity greatly improved compared to before. Roland also helped them discover the possibility of their magic evolving, greatly increasing and diversifying what they can do in and out of combat.


The Witch Cooperation Association didn't discriminate between combat and auxiliary witches and accepted all witches who wished to join them. They would also use Scroll's and Nightingale's abilities to locate newly awakened witches or witches in hiding to recruit them. After realizing that kidnapping girls from their homes would only draw hatred, they opted to observe potential members for a period of time before offering an invitation.

After their reformation into the Witch Union, their method of adding new members changed drastically. Below are the members of the current incarnation of the group; with every fifth member marked for convenience of counting membership.

Witches (In Order of Joining)[]



Detective Group[]

  • Mystery Moon
  • Lily (doesn't consider herself a member)
  • Summer
  • Sharon

Exploration Group[]

  • Lightning
  • Maggie
  • Lorgar
  • Joan

Evolved Witches (In Order of their Evolution)[]

  • Anna (Evolved twice - Chapter 52 & 130)
  • Nightingale (Evolved twice, the first time at the day of adulthood - Chapter 57 & 1449)
  • Soraya Zoen (Evolved - Chapter 181)
  • Lily (Evolved twice before adulthood - Chapter 206 & 759)
  • Maggie (Evolved - Chapter 295)
  • Agatha (Already Evolved when evacuated - Chapter 360)
  • Leaf (Evolved - Chapter 371)
  • Mystery Moon (Evolved - Chapter 406)
  • Lucia White (Evolved - Chapter 426)
  • Echo (Evolved - Chapter 458)
  • Evelyn (Evolved - Chapter 665 )
  • Lighting (Evolved - Chapter 1016)
  • Scroll (Transcendent - Chapter 1324)
  • Nana Pine (Evolved - Chapter 1329)
  • Isabella (Evolved - Chapter 1420)

Witch Cooperation Association Members[]

Members who Joined the Witch Union[]

Deceased Members[]

  • Cara - Leader
  • Airy
  • Abby
  • Scarlett
  • Stone
  • Sherry
  • Shino
  • Red Pepper
  • Windseeker
  • 26 Unnamed Other Witches


  • With the revelation that most of the witches in the Kingdom of Graycastle left to join Tilly in establishing a witch country in the Fjords, the Witch Union is likely the only witch society left in the Kingdom of Graycastle.
  • Some members of the Witch Union are roommates in pairs with a theme:
    • Anna and Nana were Karl's students.
    • Nightingale and Wendy's magic involve being unseen - invisibility and wind.
    • Scroll and Leaf's magic have no limits - Scroll can remember everything and leaf can control entire forest given enough time.
    • Lily and Mystery Moon's abilities were underdeveloped until Roland taught them.
    • Humming Bird and Lightning's magic relate to being weightless.
    • Soraya and Echo both have family names.
    • Evelyn and Candle were useless on sleeping island.
    • Paper and Summer were already living in the western region.
    • Margie and Vanilla were former church members.
    • Sharon and Lorgar were never persecuted for their witch identity.
  • Different from how it was portrayed in the Manhua adaptation, the emblem of the Witch Cooperation Association was described in the web novel to be formed by three juxtaposing triangles, with the image of an eye being placed in the space between the triangles.[1]
  • The Witch Union is not picky for how to sign employment contracts. If a new witch is illiterate, a simple fingerprint is more than enough.
  • The core members of the Union treat all newcomers as fellow sisters.
  • Being a member of the Witch Union pays 2 gold royals a month; its members do need to acquire other employment, similar to Earth governments that help people financially.
  • At least 10 of the Witch Union members don't use their real names; some instead use nicknames related to their powers. (Example: It's unlikely Leaf and Scroll are real names; Echo is known to be using a magic-related alias. Lightning doesn't count as it's her birth name).


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