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The Witch House is an apartment complex built by Roland behind his castle to serve as the home of Witch Union and guests from Sleeping Spell. It was the first building built with modern conveniences, rather than have them added later. The first floor has a lobby with a desk to hire a member of the Union. Additionally, there is a lounge area where the witches sometimes play cards.

It was first mentioned by name by Roland when the first four witches from the Sleeping Spell (Sylvie, Evelyn, Candle and Honey) came to stay for awhile. At that time it was still under construction, so the visiting witches stayed at the castle's rooms.[1] The inauguration of the building probably happened when some other facilities from the castle were finished as seen when the witches try to figure out what the previously unknown heating system was. [2] Next to the Witch House, Agatha's Spellcaster Tower is eventually constructed.[3][4][5]


  • In the manhua adaptation, it seems to follow the British floor labeling system; with the first floor being called the ground floor, with three subsequent floors above.
  • Evelyn, Lotus and Sylvie have apartments above each other, in that order.


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