Wimbledon III (personal name: Ayling Wimbledon)[n 1] was the deceased King of Graycastle and the father of five royal descendants: Gerald, Timothy, Garcia, Roland and Tilly. Sometime in the past, Ayling Wimbledon took the crown from his brother.[1]

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After months in church's prison Ayling's skin turned pale, limbs became thin and shriveled, his beard reached neck, and wrinkles on forehead became more distinct.[2]

Personality Edit

Ayling Wimbledon was a good and intelligent leader. He cared deeply for his family and was devastated when his wife died.

Background Edit

At the end of summer, in day of Prayer, the Church captured Wimbledon III and replaced with doppelganger.[1]

The false "Wimbledon III" announced Royal Decree on the Selection of Crown Prince, according to which his descendants would be given a city to rule. The one who shows the best result in territory management would become the heir of Kingdom of Graycastle.

Chronology Edit

When half a year passed after imprisonment of Wimbledon III archbishop Mayne visited him. The king demanded answers of what is happening with his sons and daugthers. Disbelieving what he heard, he eventually realised true purpose of the Church: set off his children against each other and take control of weakened kingdom later. Before his death of poison Ayling Wimbeldon cursed Mayne and the Church.[1]

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  1. His personal name is also transliterated as Ali Wimbledon.

References Edit

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