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White is a former Church's cart driver from the Northern Region of Kingdom of Graycastle. He has been transporting orphan girls to the Old Holy City for 20 silver royals,[1] after the Church's fall he moved to Kingdom of Wolfheart.[2]


White despises nobles for their constant talks about luxury goods and expelling him after injury. He doesn't believe in god's mercy and blames him for his trauma. When he sees men taking girls with them from carriage he thinks this fate is better than death from cold and starvation.


White had worked as a cart driver for 30 years for various nobles. During refugees riots he fell off the cart and broke leg. After this he was fired with excuse he couldn't drive carts anymore.


White had been making his last trip before Months of Demons would end from Kingdom of Wolfheart to the Old Holy City. He had talked with Church's emissary about previous life, his misfortune and orphans. They stayed in Wolfheart's town to spend the night before arriving to the Old Holy City.[1]

After the Church had lost, the local priests stopped sending orphans to the Holy City, causing White to lost his main source of income. He settled down in Wolfheart's Silty Bay, looking for employment in the unstable kingdom.[2]


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