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Wendy is a witch and the leader of Witch Union. She was one of three Witch Cooperation Association founders. As leader of the Witch Union, she is on the same level as one of Neverwinter's minister's as she always attends meetings with them.


Wendy is a young looking woman with mature facial features, her reddish-brown hair are almost waist length. She has the biggest breasts among witches of Witch Union, which caused her inconveniences and shoulder ache; hence why she is drawn in the Manhua adaption supporting her breasts by crossing her arms underneath. This fact has attracted disgusting feelings of desire and lust from nobles and people alike. Though this also prompted Roland to create bras; releasing Wendy of her pain.


Wendy is a kindhearted and caring woman who thinks about the welfare of her companions first and foremost. She always makes sure to talk to them whenever they have a problem to encourage and reassure them.

She has a strong sense of responsibility, as she believes she should take care of the younger sisters in their group.


Wendy's earliest memories were as a young girl who lived in the convent; she doesn't even remember her family.

She was raised by the Church since young, until she turned 15[2] and she was chosen to entertain the male members. She was about to get raped, when one of the other women suddenly awakened and attacked the men. She used this as an opportunity to escape.


Wendy was overjoyed to see Nightingale again after the latter returned to their camp in the Impassable Mountain Range. She didn't believe her stories about Border Town's life and didn't intend to leave the Witch Cooperation Association. But when Cara threatened to kill Nightingale, she stood up for her and tried to change her mind. Realizing Cara wouldn't spare her, Wendy knocked her down with wind flow and broke God's Locket of Retribution with a coin accelerated by her magic. In return, Cara used her magic snake to paralyze her, but Nightingale managed to hurt her and escape with unconscious Wendy. Seeing poison spreading Nightingale cut her injured arm off. Together with Lightning, she carried her to Border Town.[3] When they arrived her cut hand was successfully treated despite hours without blood.[4]

After she rested she signed a contract with Roland and started regular magic practice.

Powers & Abilities[]

Wendy is an experienced survivor, having been forced to live of the land with her sisters in their travels.


Her ability belongs to the summoning type.


Wind Generation: Wendy possesses the ability to produce and manipulate wind from her hands. After training, she has developed the ability to sustain creating wind for a short period of time and regulate how much wind each of her hands produces.


  • If her power evolved, Wendy would likely gain control of the difference in air temperature, giving her minor weather control.
  • The manhua adaption directs Wendy with "line eyes" similar to emoji, but she is shown with normal eyes when serious..



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