Victor Lothar is the fourth son of the Lothar Family. He become a jewelry trader, because of family conflicts with his elder brother.

Appearance Edit

He look like a citizen of the Kingdom of Dawn. Like Andrea, he had pale golden hair. He also has a pretty face and well-maintained skin. Overall, he looked like a well-bred nobleman with the right etiquette from a wealthy family.[1]

Personality Edit

Victor preferred the sense of detachment and live in a tavern rather than in a house—he could stay in a quiet state while feeling the noise and excitement downstairs at the same time. Compared with the huge mansions favored by traditional nobles, he has always been full of longing for places like taverns.

He is a competent businessman with creative ideas and can comprehend Roland ideas.

Background Edit

In order to eschew his elder brother's oppression and prove his ability, he had to leave his home and run a business in Graycastle.

The Longsong Stronghold was originally one of his main gemstone source.

Chronology Edit

He met Roland to ask him to use Leaf powers to culture productive cotton seeds and aim to set up a brand new clothes shop, which would be promoted to the entire kingdom with cheap and fine clothes made of cotton.[2]

He summoned all the tailors in his native town, built a plant at the Port of Clearwater, and hired staff to work for him.

As this new cotton was affordable and high-quality, they soon outstripped their competitors. All his products were fairly popular, from cotton blankets all the way to cotton winter jackets.

Therefore, apart from common cotton fabrics, he also produced high-end commodities, which were mainly clothes tailored to wealthy customers. 

All the clothes were carefully designed and made, with a tiny logo of a colorful gemstone at sleeves and collars that marked the uniqueness of his products.

Those clothes were soon acknowledged by a certain group of people and were subsequently called the Rainbow Stone.

Victor thus also granted the same logo to his low-end products such as blankets and robes, only that the logo is monochrome.[3]

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Victor asked his men to purchase Graycastle Weekly and send a copy to the Port of Clearwater every day.[4]
  • He become a resident of Graycastle by buying the room of the tallest apartment building, The Miracle Building. It was a perfect marketing strategy to further promote his brand, Rainbow Stone.
  • He love Magic Movies.

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