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Van'er is First Army's Artillery Battalion commander, and a veteran of Border Town's Militia. He is the creator and namesake of the Van'er model rifles.



Van'er is observant, smart and loyal man; he serves Roland without complaint and always trusts the plans presented to him. He has a knack for mechanical brilliance, having upgraded his rifle into a more efficient model solely on his own without any help from Roland, Anna or Tilly (geniuses of the era).


Van'er lost his brother during Months of Demons two years before Roland's arrival.[1] Before joining Militia's ranks he had worked in mines.


Inspired by Prince Roland's speech[2] and salary of 10 silver royals per month, Van'er signed up for Militia, believing he would be assigned auxiliary service.

However, he soon realized that Militia would be the main force responsible for the wall's protection. Disturbed by the lack of personnel and mercenaries, he shared his concerns with Roland when the latter was inspecting training. For his initiative, he was appointed as the deputy commander of the Spear squad.[3]

When Militia was offered to join either Flintlock Squad or Artillery Squad, Van'er eventually decided to choose the latter due to cannon's greater firepower and artillerist's salary being 5 silver royals higher. Since Van'er was a vice-captain he was appointed as artillery captain. There were four artillery teams in total, in his team were Jop, Cat's Claw, Nelson, and Rodney.

Initially, they trained with one cannon to prepare it to shoot, from cannon cart detachment to gunpowder loading, without actual firing. Additionally, they trained to set cannons onboard of Littletown. After the week of training, artillery teams were allowed to shoot cannon balls at turns with angle changing.[4]



  • Long Wooden Pikes.
  • Bow and Arrows.
  • Flintlock.
  • Explosive Package.
  • Brown Leather Armor
  • Horn.


Roland Wimbledon[]


Sheryl is Vaner's love interest.[1]




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