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Valkries[n 1] is the first lord of the Demon civilization.


Vakries can change her appearance, she prefers the look of a beautiful woman in white robe with unusual for human features, such as pale blue skin, horns and a third eye on her forehead.[1] She has thin, slender brows, a pair of cold eyes, a tall nose and beautiful lips.[2]



Following her mentor Heathtalese, before the First Battle of Divine Will Valkries established a close relationship with humans and learned their language.[3] She visited ruins of Cloud School once per century and stayed for a couple days.[2]


At Holy See, gathered to discuss the defeat of Ursrook, she promised to seek for traces of unknown man from Silent Disaster's vision in the Realm of Mind.[3] When Roland destroyed the second Apostle, she noticed the outburst of energy and followed it.[4]

While Valkries was closing to the source, the Dreamworld, she was caught into an Erosion expansion, facing God's Apostles who severely injured her and killed martialist team of local demons.[5]

She found herself in the hospital of Martialist Association, stripped from the stones and their power, unable to contact Hackzord or the King. She assumed the unknown world was the source of humanity's upgrade and decided to stay and observe for a while.

When Roland visited her, she had to bring all her composure to pretend she was not from another world like him, to the point she was exhausted.[2]

After Roland realises that she is a demon from the 'real world', he meets her and explains her the true nature of Battle of Divine Will (as told to him by Lan) and how their race was doomed in the long run. He proposes cooperation with her to get into the Bottomless Abyss and access the realm of mind physically, so that he can find a way to stop battles of divine will once and for all, allowing both races to peacefully co-exist. She is gradually convinced and helps Roland and even convinced Hackzord to this cause.

At the end of the novel, she decides to stay in the Dream World to learn from the human civilisation depicted there and apply it to her race.


Valkries is not the most powerful lord, but she helped to upgrade most of the lords after her, as well as countless junior demons. Her understanding of the Realm of Mind exceeds Hackzord's and as such she had once been a candidate to be King.[6]



Valkries highly praised her vast knowledge of Realm of Mind and considered her death a huge loss.[2]


  • Valkries likes to bath in Red mist pond.
  • While in the Dream World, Valkries took to reading old history books in the hospital(delivered by Fei Yuhan) and thus came to the conclusion that the mortal king (Roland) obtained his weapons through this world.


  1. Her name 瓦基里丝 (pinyin: Wǎjīlǐsī) could be also transliterated as Vakiris in some translations.


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