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Valencia, also known as the Vibrant Trade City[Citation needed] and Golden Harvest City (金穗城)[1] is in the Eastern Region of Kingdom of Graycastle, formerly ruled by Duke Wilion Berger, a loyal follower of former king Timothy Wimbledon.

Geography []

History []

Valencia is a major city in the Eastern Region and a well-established trading center of Graycastle. Together with the old king's city and the Eagle City, they formed the most thriving Central Region of the kingdom.[2]

During the War for Succession, Wilion Berger was granted the title of Duke of Valencia by Timothy Wimbledon, after he killed the former Duke.

Following Timothy's death, Wilion refused to submit to Roland Wimbledon, both to avenge Timothy's death, as well as to maintain his power as a noble.

Chronology []

Valencia was the first city to build a prototype cannon based on the ones Roland designed for his First Army. Unfortunately for them, the Valencia Cannons are extremely inferior to even the first generation 12 pound canons used by Roland's First Army.

When the First Army, under the command of Iron Axe, arrived to forced Valencia to submit to King Roland, Valencia attempted to fight the First Army by blocking the river, flooding the river banks, and using their two newly built cannons to repel the invaders. Unfortunately for them, while a flooded river bank did mean the First Army could not bring cannons ashore, Roland has already developed fully operational Mortars by this time, and Valencia's defenses were quickly destroyed.

Duke Wilion his chief knight and 7 knights and 12 squires prepared to launch a suicide charge after the First Army took the city gate, but only the duke and his chief knight actually made the charge, while the others fled. The suicide charge quickly ended in a hailstorm of machinegun bullets before they could reach the First Army to do any damage, and they died in vain.

The remaining militant nobles quickly surrendered. But because Nightingale wasnt there to use her lie detector test to find out who was guilty and who would be loyal, and they didnt have the time or resources to wait there and sort it out, Iron Axe set the castle's prison ablaze, killing all the captured nobels inside. The other nobels in the city then fled, completely seeding control of the city to the first army and the city hall officials trained in Neverwinter.

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