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Ursrook was the Western Front commander and disciple of Hackzord.


Ursrook looked like blue-skinned male human with sharp facial features.[1]


Like most demons, Ursook looked down upon humanity as nothing more than bugs to be stepped on. However, his view of humanity changed as he witnessed their incredibly advanced weapons that consistently bested his forces. Seeing them as the demons' equals by the end of the battle for Taquila. He also seemed to enjoy the sensation of flight and Hackzord also mentioned that Ursook loved to learn many things, even if they were considered 'pointless' by the other demons.


Ursrook was recognized as talented commander and recommended to lead Western Front forces at Taquila.


When Lightning was scouting Taquila surroundings, she came across the fierce battle between demons and horde of demonic beasts. She caused shockwave several times by supersonic acceleration and harmed them, however Ursrook got her into trance state and used Magic Slayer ability on her to prevent healing.[2]

He later commanded the defence of the demons again the First Army's 'Torch Campaign.' Often leading his troops into battle or participating in skirmishes against Graycastle's forces by himself. It was stated by numerous First Army officials that he quickly learnt how to cope with humanity's new weaponry and was even able to outplay and outflank the First Army on a few occasions.

In the final battle by the Torch Campaign, he was slain by a transcendent who ultimately sacrificed herself to defeat him.

Powers & Abilities[]

Ursrook was considered a genius commander by his master Hackzord.

Magic Slayer: Ursrook was capable of magic nullifying, he could create area around himself or use it on target, thus obstructing healing .

Magic Concealment: Ursrook could hide his magic output from Sylvie.

Flight: Ursrook had a Stone of Flight, which allowed him to fly as fast as Devilbeast.

Healing: He has some sort of healing ability that allows him to quickly be healed up after taking many gunshots, which allowed him to quickly level up

Magic Curse: The strange magic power can somehow remain inside the target and cause continuous damage, which can't be cured by any conventional medical treatment. And it's also hard to eliminate.

Trance: can stun the targets.The target can protect himself by wearing a God's Stone of Retaliation.[3]



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