Underground Civilization is the tentative name of the civilization that fell first in the Battle of Divine Will.

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Long gone civilization. Used to be very advanced in magic, more than others. They were wiped out and lost their fragment of Divine Will. They tried to get witches of the past to reach their ruins in hopes of getting Instrument of Divine Retribution and beating Demons. Ruins of their civilization are in Kingdom of Dawn while they could had been found all over Land of Dawn.

They were also portrayed in one of the four pictures in Divine Land but their picture is black without anything on it due to losing their fragment and battle. Their civilization was observable in the picture before the first battle of Divine Will 800 years ago.

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They left their mark on over half of the continent—if it was said that Demons occupied the Blackstone domain, while humans occupied the Land of Dawn and the second civilization occupied the Sky-sea Realm, then the third civilization would be the owner of the underground world. They were like earthworms, their bodies were extremely weak but they had a unique knack for magic power.

Unfortunately, they had bad luck and touched something they shouldn't have touched. When they were burrowing tunnels all over the mountains, they encountered a fissure in the stratum which penetrated directly from the Blackstone region to the Sky-sea Realm. they inadvertently broke through the barrier that separated their den from the Sky-sea Realm. The latter took advantage of this and invaded the Blackstone region, slaughtering numerous and making them suffer one defeat after another. 

The King of Demons, who at the time had not upgraded yet, led a party and did a pincer attack from behind on the second civilization who were escaping among the chaos. At the same time, the King blocked the Ghost Ravine.

The Ghost Ravine was located between two mountain peaks, it was about half the size of the Fertile Plains, and on the two sides ran a thousand-mile underground river and staggered ground. The bottom of the ravine was so varied that one moment it was an underground cavern and the next it was an open hill. As much as the earthworms were good at burrowing, they couldn't hide their tracks completely.

This war lasted almost ten years, the number of Primal Demons that perished in this war was more than in the first Battle of Divine Will under the hands of humans. The outcome in the end was that both the King and the Sky-sea Realm received a part of the legacy shard.

The King placed the shard he acquired together with the legacy shard of the Demon race, and the two combined into one—in that moment, they took over everything they once had: language, wisdom, magical skill... even life.

The surviving earthworms wilted away and died.[1]

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