Tyre was the head maid of Roland Wimbledon. 


Tyre was pretty woman and stood out amoung other maids who were shabby looking.


Under the mask of blushing maid was hidden a trained spy.


Tyre had served to Roland from his early age and repeteadly rejected his attempts to sleep together. After arriving to Border Town he promoted her to head maid and settled in a room next to his[1].

She has been Garcia's spy and was nearby Roland to watch him and eliminate if need arises. She poisoned him with an alchemist pill, but the prince woke up.


After the failure Tyre got new instructions to kill Roland when they reach Longsong Stronghold. She was revealed by Nightingale and killed herself with poison before the witch could interrogate her. To cover her death Nightingale faked accidental falling from balcony. From the letter she with Roland discovered Tyre had younger sister taken by Garcia to guarantee her obedience[2].


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