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Tucker Thor was a former Chief Justice of the Judgement Army and acting Pope.


Tucker was a handsome man. As Chief Justice he wore red robe over armor.


Tucker was attentive commander and comrade-in-arms. He was a firm believer in the gods and was devastated when the Cathedral collapsed as he took that as a sign of humanity losing the gods' favor.


During attack of demonic beasts on New Holy City he was responsible for protecting North Gate of inner city. He shared his pill with Alicia Quinn and offered her men to treat wounds in gathering point.[1]

Two years later, after defeat at Coldwind Ridge and loss of senior executives of the Church, including acting pope Tayfun, Tucker was promoted to acting bishop. At the end of Months of Demons the Cathedral collapsed, killing newly promoted executives. After the collapse he decided to leave the Hermes Plateau and move remaining church forces to the east. He gave orders to commander of Judgement Army Farrina to persuade believers in the name of acting pope, and after she left he jumped from the wall, thus making them leave the city for sure.[2]


  • Tucker Thor mistakenly appeared in Chapter 179 as a candidate for God's Punishment Warrior incarnation ceremony.


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