Tilly Wimbledon is the second princess of the Kingdom of Graycastle, the fifth child of King Wimbledon III and his Queen, and the leader of Sleeping Spell. While she is not their leader, the Witch Union also seeks her help on occasion.

Appearance Edit

She has grey hair, characteristic of the Wimbledon family.

Personality Edit

Tilly Wimbledon is a kind person who helps all she is able to. She is also a rational person, thinking of logical reasons for any event or action that takes place.

She does not take risks, be it about her own life or her subordinates' lives, and tries to think of every possibility to ensure maximum gain at minimum losses.

Tilly loves flying and her "toy" The Unicorn, the first airplane built in her world.

Background Edit

Tilly was born the youngest among Wimbledon III's children. None of her siblings were particularly close to her. She was bullied by her brother Roland in the past.

According to the Royal Decree she was sent to Silver City.

Chronology Edit

Tilly was mentioned by Timothy's men to be missing after claiming she was going to return home as ordered.[5]

She is later revealed to be leading her own society of witches in the Fjords.

She learns of Roland's endeavors, and immediately suspects he has either been replaced, or is under someone else's control.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Her ability belongs to the self-strengthening type. As a self-strengthening type, she can sense the form and flow of nearby magic power and her ability is not affected by God's Stone of Retaliation.

She's also able to manipulate her own mana without any guidance or tools, which allows her to use magic stones.[6]

As an extraordinary witch, she can sense the form and flow of magic power. Thanks to this, she could once sense Ashes in a crowd and knew she was a witch.

Awakening Edit

Enhanced Intelligence: Her ability manifests itself as genuine intelligence,[6] which enables her to be a master of academics, politics, management and etc. from a young age. This also includes mastering her personal planes Unicorn and Phoenix.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Roland Wimbledon Edit

Tilly initially had a negative relationship with her fourth brother due to his constant bullying and general ineptitude. However, she's shown to at least have some sympathy for him as a family member.

While she does not fully understand that her brother technically is already dead and the soul of someone else has taken up residence in his body, Tilly has accepted the new Roland and is impressed with his never-ending ideas to improve humanity.

Allies Edit

Ashes Edit

Ashes is Tilly's closest confidant and lover. It seems they keep their true relationship a secret from the rest of the Sleeping Island. She mourns her loss.[7]

Andrea Quinn Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • She has a fear of darkness. Even when going to bed, her room must have lit candles.[8]
  • She received a stuffed panda as a birthday gift from Roland.[9]
  • It's unknown if her magic can evolve, but the most likely improvement would be a photographic memory. Or possibly a branch ability that works as a sixth sense to warn of danger if she has all the relevant data.

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