Tigui Pine[n 1] is a noble from City of Neverwinter and the father of Nana Pine.

Appearance Edit

Tigui is strong and sturdy man, his height is above average but not very tall, he wears a thick beard making him tough looking. At first meeting with a prince Roland he wore waisted cotton garment and leather pant attached with big pockets, looking more like a huntsman rather a noble.

Personality Edit

Tigui is a responsible and loving father. This didn't change even after he discovered that Nana was a witch. He is also courageous, even willing to go against prince just to protect his beloved daughter.

Despite his noble status he pay little attention to noble etiquette even in the presence of Roland.

Background Edit

Tigui inherited the title and land from his father, a knight rewarded for extermination of demonic beasts that had slipped through the fortress's defense, by river. After their benefactor Earl Joe Kohl was granted Duke title and control of Southern Region Pines became a thorn for a Duke Ryan.

After Tigui took possession of the land farm and trade gradually diminished. He was a fighter rather than a manager and preferred to hunt in Misty Forest for three days per week.

Chronology Edit

When Tigui Pine accidently discovered that Nana was a witch, he rushed after her to the castle. He was angry when Roland appeared and demanded to bring her to the hall. Knowing prince's infamous reputation he was worried for Nana especially after witnessing guards had let her in unhindered and refused to admit she was witch until Roland explained his attitude towards witches and the reason behind Nana's visits.

When Roland offered him to stay and fight with demonic beasts, Tigui first rejected his idea but was convinced by story of his father and promise of viscount title and land east to Border Town[1].

During Months of Demons he stayed by his daughter's side, acting as her bodyguard.

After Victory Day Tigui was granted the title of Viscount and uncultivated land south of Redwater River, across the town. He asked Roland to sell an old domain and move his familty to Border Town[2].

Abilities Edit

Titus Pine is an experienced hunter, having caught many animals over the years. He possesses a shotgun and carry it on the hunt. He is also a trained swordsman and rider.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Nana Pine Edit

Titus deeply cares about his daughter and believes without a doubt that she is a good person.

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Roland Wimbledon Edit

Tigui is wholeheartedly loyal and grateful to Roland, who protected Nana from the Church. He describes their first meeting as a funny story.

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Footnotes Edit

  1. His name was incorrectly transliterated as "Titus Pine" in some translations. This name, "Titus," was also used for and fit more to the name's transliteration of another, yet minor, character, Iron Head (铁头), who was saved by Nana Pine.

References Edit

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