Thunder is the greatest explorer of the Fjords. He is also the father of Lightning.

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Thunder had the typical short blonde-colored hair of Fjords locals, just like Lightning. He was brown-skinned and had a stocky body, rugged-looking appearance, and thick sideburns that were conjoined with the stubbles covering half of his face and his chin.

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Thunder is a courageous man, always searching for new things to discover across the ocean.

He is also a deeply loving father, wanting to discover as much as possible, so that his daughter, a budding explorer, will have less to discover and less danger to experience.

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Thunder loves his daughter dearly and always brought her along on his adventures. After being separated, he sent his old friend to look for her and was relieved to find out she was safe in Border Town. He has decided to explore everywhere in the world, even at the expense of taking time away from being with his daughter because he wants to lessen the amount of danger she will experience when she inevitably follows in his footsteps.

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  • Thunder's acting made Roland believe that there were people who possessed this extraordinary talent. Roland only knew one other person who had the same level of acting skills and that was May.[1]

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