Third Border City is City of Neverwinter's underground fortress area, allocated to Taquila Witches built under the Impassable Mountain Range. It holds God's Punishment Witches, original carriers, the Instrument of Divine Retribution and relics of gods[1]

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The entrance to Third Border City located to the north of Neverwinter, at juncture between the city and mountain range. There are mining and furnace areas on the nearby hillside. A solid concrete wall rises near the foot of a mountain, on each corner stands watchtower, while on top of the wall is stretched wire netting. On each side of a gate built machine gun blockhouse.

The entrance of cave is covered with concrete and blocked by two massive one meter thick steel doors made by jointing several layers of plates. Due to enormous weight doors supported by slideways and opened with steam machine's assistance. Making it took almost 1/3 of city's winter steel output. On each side of the two iron doors, there is half a line of words. Combined together, they mean "Third Border City".

Within the cave is tunnel with a concrete paved road, on two sides of which are a ditch and a mine railway. If the underground facility needs material or food, it would be delivered on carts pulled by another engine at the entrance.

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