The Ancient Book is a book that was in possession of Cara. According to Roland, most of the book was unreadable, only the last page was written in the common tongue.

List of Known Writings from the book Edit

“We have failed. Mortals cannot overcome the Devil.”
“The Devils grew each day in number, but every day we became less.”
God’s Stone of Retaliation was also unable to stop them. It would only work against their unparalleled strange powers, but even without relying on their magic, they were still fierce and terrible enemies.”
“The Holy City of Taquila has already fallen into the enemy’s hands, the only option left to us was to scatter in all directions.”
“Over the mountains, across the rivers. Trying to flee as far away from the Gates of Hell as possible. ”
“But for the next time, where to should we flee?”
“But, this isn’t something I have to think about. I am going to die, Natalia.”
“The Devil’s power is corroding my body, and every one of our drugs are malfunction.”
“I’m writing all this down because I have a simple matter I want to request of you to do for me.”
"Alice’s test of the God’s Punishment Army is already approaching its end, and the test was a success. Even when facing the extraordinary Devil Warriors they have nothing to fear, but she forgot the important point, even if the God’s Punishment Army will win, this victory won’t belong to us.”
”That’s right. The God’s Punishment Army, will lead to our end.”
“To stop her, only you are left.”