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Caution! This article contains spoilers!

Technological developments unleashed upon Border Town and elsewhere by Roland. This is a work in progress; it could be put into a table. There may be some historical inaccuracies.

Reference for Re-invented Weapons

This will probably will not include theoretical demonstrations or non-scientific theories put to use, such as demonstrations of the different gases found in the air, or modern discipline-training methods for soldiers.

  • Cement (c.12)
    • Roland uses non-hydraulic cement first for mortar for the town wall. Concrete is probably first used on a large scale when building ships later.
    • Prerequisites skipped: Anna's flame used in place of finely controlled kiln sintering temperatures.
    • Appearance in real world: variable; concrete existed in the Roman Empire (circa 300 BC), but Roland's probably resembles more modern concrete (circa 1800s).
  • Wooden Chopsticks
    • Was first created using wood when Petrov first came to Border Town to discuss issues with Roland.
  • Steam Engine (c.23)
    Steam Engine.png
    • When the machine was first created by the efforts of Roland, Carter and Anna, the machine barely works, unstable and very noisy. This problem will later be fixed when Anna's power gets upgraded.
    • Carter first mistook it as a weapon when first created, not knowing the true weapons (Flintlock) will be created using this machine weeks later.
    • First used to rotate a large wheel; conveyor belt attached to pull metals.
    • Prerequisites skipped: Welded with Anna's flames, probably analogous to arc welding at some point in the 19th and 20th centuries, rather than crude forge welding by hammering. Without Anna's presence, it will take decades to create the machine.
    • Precursors skipped: Theoretical demonstrations like the Aeolipile (1st century AD); Early low-pressure steam engines by Newcomen (1712) and Watt (1781).
    • Used in flintlock making in the earlier chapters. Without the steam engine it would be near impossible.
    • Appearance in real world: ~1800.
  • Gunpowder (c.33)
    • Refers to traditional black powder, not smokeless gunpowder.
    • Prerequisites skipped: None, just an undiscovered recipe.
    • Originally a noble's toy for celebrations, the recipe consists of 60% Charcoal, 20% Nitre & Sulfer and other strange materials such as Honey, Butter and Mercury, resulting in an inferior product that doesn't showcase the true power of gunpowder.
    • Appearance in the real world: 9th century (China); ~1300 (Western Europe).
  • Cannons
    • Seeing that his soldiers might run away before fighting Duke Ryan's forces head on, Roland planned to manufacture cannons in order to ensure his army will crush all their enemies from a distance.
  • Firearms (c.38)
    • Roland's first "gun" was probably a flintlock. Roland's first prototypes did not require match-lighting, but were still muzzle-loaded with lead ball ammunition.
    • Prerequisites skipped: steel production techniques, machinery such as a lathe.
    • Precursors skipped: Fire lances, hand cannons (later developed by Timothy), matchlocks and other arquebuses.
    • Firing rate 3 shots per minute.
    • Appearance in the real world: 1600s (remained in use until 1800s).
  • Lathes and milling machines (c.47)
    • Used for producing gears, drilling gun barrels and other precise cutting tasks.
    • Prerequisites skipped: Anna's flame used instead of tediously hammering out less accurate machinery on an anvil, to be first used to create more accurate parts.
    • Appearance in the real world: 1770s (horizontal boring lathe) 1810s (manual milling machine).
  • Cement Boats
  • Hot Air Balloons
    • Fuel was provided by Anna's black fire. In later chapters, the fuel was provided by propane, which can only be refilled in Border Town.
    • Soraya received an ability powerup while riding the hot air balloon.
  • Aerial Bomb
  • First used to attack Timothy in King's City (c.307)
    • This bomb will upgrade to a nuclear version near the end of the series called "Glory of the Sun".
  • Microscope (c.206)
    • Hoping to inspire interest in his witches, Roland created the microscope along with Anna and Soraya's help.
    • First used to explain Biology/Chemistry to witches firsthand, Lily received an evolution while injecting magic power to microorganisms.
  • Brassieres [1] (c.261)


  • Upon noticing Wendy suffered from sore shoulders due to her bosom, Roland quickly decided to have his (female) tailor create modern bras using high-quality materials. After providing her with the basic design. The first batch were given as gifts to the older witches.
    • Created a misunderstanding with many witches when it was first distributed.
  • Bolt action rifle (c.474)
    • A rifle requested by Andrea Quinn, Roland was to give the first stock to her when he mass produces it.
  • Heavy machine gun (c.475)
    • One of the main fighting weapons used by Roland's forces against Timothy, the Church and the Devils. It replaced the Revolver when it was first invented.
  • (scented) Soap
    • Made from Sugar Cane and some other fragrances.
  • (modern) Glass
  • Heating System (Steam Heating) (c.376)
  • Showers
    • Roland had a plumbing system installed so that all bathrooms were reconstructed for the use of fresh water for bathing.
  • Porcelain
  • Latrines
    • Was created because Roland has been ignoring the toilet issues for too long.
  • "Golden Wheat" and other improved Crops and Farming Techniques.
  • Improved Streets
  • Electricity and Light bulbs (c.438)
    • Power was provided by Mystery Moon after she upgraded her ability.
  • Organizational reformation of the City Hall.
  • Introduction of Units (Meters, and assumedly others as well).
    • Roland realized that counting distances by steps was impractical due to the differences in leg length.
  • Longsong Cannon (152mm)
  • Banknotes (c. 949 & c. 1254)
    • In chapter 949, banknotes were distributed for the first time to the Sleeping Spell witches as a pilot project. In chapter 1254, banknotes were announced to have been officially adopted as the new currency to replace the old currencies in Neverwinter in the future.
    • The most valuable banknote has a picture of Roland and Anna on it. The other banknotes have pictures of important items that helped progress in City of Neverwinter.
  • Newspaper
    • After Lightning caused a sonic boom following her Awakening, Roland decided that he needed a more efficient way to keep people informed of what was going on in Neverwinter.
    • The Graycastle Weekly was created to replace the bulletin board.
  • Movie theaters
    • Taking advantage of a Sigil of Recording, Roland decided to attempt recreating a movie to give the people of Neverwinter something to entertain them in winter.
    • Using Echo and Summer's abilities, Roland compensated for the lack of being able to re-record scenes and add sound.
  • Telegraph (c. 1347)
    • Spark-gap transmitters and galena receivers were developed alongside large antennas, in order to provide to the Kingdom of Graycastle with the first wireless form of communication that does not require magic to operate.
    • Later, Roland intended to substitute spark-gap transmitters with vacuum tube wireless equipment, since it was difficult to reduce the former's surrounding system's size and weight.
    • An adaptation of the known Morse code was developed by Scroll to bridge the differences from the Four Kingdom's common language and his original world's language.
  • Radio (c. 1387)
    • Following the development of the telegraph, this transmitter-reciever device is created by Anna after her development of the vacuum tube wireless equipment.
    • It was the first electrical circuit created in this world.
    • Soon after its development it was already seen in military use in the airplanes (c. 1392).
  • Invention (chapter of appearance)
    • Notes
    • Prerequisites skipped: (necessary tools or ingredients replaced by magic)
    • Precursors skipped: (earlier versions of a technology that are passed over)
    • Appearance in real world: (year of introduction)

Weapon table[]

In this table there will be all of the achievements of human military to the date. Grouped by levels, which for now is highly based on my personal judgment.

The basic separation principle are a weapon's prowess and how technological it is. For example, a flintlock and a 5-round rifle. It's obvious what's more supreme.

To give a rough comparison:

I level = XVII-XVIII centuries

II level = from XIX century to WW1

III level = From WW1 to WW2

Contains major spoilers info from the web novel. Be careful!

Infantry Artillery arm Navy Air force Special
Name Ch. Name Ch. Name Ch. Name Ch. Name Ch.
I level
Flintlock 38 12-pound


69 Concrete boat "Littletown" (sailing) 74 - Explosive package 34
Flintlock MK1 (bayonets) 108
II level
Revolver 162 12-pound cannon MK1 197 Concrete paddle steamer 283 Hot air balloon 175 Bomb 303
12mm revolving rifle 199 152mm "fortress cannon" 356 Concrete paddle steamer MK1 - "Bathtub Ship" 394 Custom sniper rifle (for Andrea) 938
8mm bolt-action rilfe 474 152mm "fortress cannon" MK1 920 Steel HMS "Roland" 498 20mm superlong sniper rifle

(for Andrea)

8mm HMG "Mark I" 474 152mm "fortress cannon" Armored train MK1 1045

35mm superlong sniper rifle charged with shells containing a GP stone (for Andrea)

8mm HMG "Mark I"


927 152mm howitzer 585 Armored train "Black River" 1045
Mortar 871


III level
40mm shotgun 983 152mm "fortress cannon" MK2 1391 Glider

"Mark I" (prototype, wind powered)

Panzerfaust 1115 Glider "Seagull" MK1 (wind powered) 1070 Burning-city Thunder (Napalm) 1076
Van'er semi-automatic rifle

(Model is Charlton rifle)

1209 Plane "Unicorn"

(prototype, int. comb. engine)

1128 Tracer Ammunition 1131
8mm general-purpose MG (30rd mag) 1330 Plane "Fire of Heaven"

(the finalized 1st gen. version of "Unicorn")

1257 Flares 1157
Plane "Fire of Heaven" Mk II 1379 Anti-devll high-explosion shell MK2 1283
Prototype of a tank (a cube driven armored tractor) 1323
Armored truck (a cube driven armored tractor) 1337
20mm Autocannon 1393
Tank based on a cube driven tractor, equipped a 75mm cannon 1431
IV level
Plane "Phoenix" with Type-14 piston engines, made custom for Tilly 1380 Prototype of a nuclear bomb (successful) 1321
Bomber 1448 Nuclear bomb

(successfully detonated)

?? level
Flying island based on Deity of Gods technology, which based on IV civ tech 1446