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Taquila was one of the three Holy Cities of the Witch Federation, and the last city to fall during the Second Battle of Divine Will and was abandonned 400 years ago.


Located on the Fertile Plains, Taquila is encircled by the Misty Forest.

Like every other Holy City, Taquila is built above a lode of God's Stone of Retaliation.


Taquila could accommodate 50,000 people[1], and was the most thriving Holy City on Fertile Plains after hundreds of years of development.[2]

A city of over 100,000 people resembles Arrieta in the early days.

When the Witch Federation retreated from the Fertile Plaines, Taquila had 250,000 people.[3]

"Even when the magic power tide touched the bottom, Arrieta had at least 10 newly awakened witches every year... Taquila's number tripled that."

The Taquila leader was Natalia, also called the Queen of Taquila.


Towards the end of the Second Battle of Divine Will, Taquila faced all of these issues—following the collapse of many major cities, more and more people flocked to the Holy City. Overpopulation did not strengthen the city's defense, but instead paralyzed the entire city, the demand for food and water increased dramatically. Secondly, there would be more public safety issues following an increase in slums. The Union had to forcefully remove a group of refugees to settle the crisis.[4]

A railway leading from Neverwinter to Taquila has been established for war.

Taquila has been reconquered after the Battle of Taquila, and is now used as military outpost.[5]

Features & Layout[]

The ruins of Taquila covered an area that was five or six times larger than Iron Sand City

The top of the wall, though damaged, was still as wide as 20 plus steps which was wide enough for two four-wheeled carriages to travel side by side. In the walls covered by moss and vines, they saw a few round holes and wondered how much force was required to create such damage to these huge stone walls[6]

Agatha thought that even the castle in Neverwinter could not compare to Taquila's Quest Tower in grandiosity.[7]

The Tower of Babel which was both the highest building of the city and the center of the Union.[8]


  • A map leading to Taquila was in possession of the Eltek family.[9]


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