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Sylvie is a Sleeping Spell's witch. She is one of the first five witches sent to Border Town by Tilly Wimbledon.


She has green, shoulder-length, straight (or curly[1]) hair, while her long and slender eyebrows are hiding below her tidy fringe and amber-colored eyes. Her eyes look especially transparent without any depth, just like a mirror reflecting the lights.[2]


Sylvie is a skeptic and will not believe something until she has seen the truth with her own eyes.



Powers & Abilities[]


Her ability belongs to the summoning type.


Eye of Magic:

360-Degree Vision: She can see everything around and even behind her.

X-Ray Vision: Her vision can penetrate through obstacles. As for how far it could penetrate, it depends on her thought. However, seeing through ground increases her magic consumption.

Illusion Vision: See through all deception, whether it be exquisite cosmetics or magical illusions.[3]

Telescopic Vision: She can magnify focus on separate distant objects to see it clearly.

Branch Ability[]

Eye of Truth (Magic Vision): She can see the gathering and dissipation of magic, and its real shape.


Tilly Wimbledon[]

Sylvie is deeply loyal to Tilly.

Roland Wimbledon[]

Sylvie was initially skeptical of Roland and wished to learn his true motives. After learning that he had no such ulterior motives she started to trust him more. She has come to have as much faith in him as the rest of the witches in his domain.


  • Her eyes work similarly to the Byakugan from Naruto, oddly a comparison Roland himself didn't make.
  • Despite being apprehensive about brassieres, Sylvie is shown wearing one later in the manhua adaption.



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