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She has brown hair.[2]

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Sunflower was a "street rat" on Black Street, in the Western Zone of Longsong Stronghold, working in one of the teams under Kanas. Her teammates were Snaketooth, Joe and Tigerclaw. Their team was at the bottom rank of Rats. Furthermore, as street kids, they were at a disadvantage in both number and strength among other teams, and thus were struggling to make a living, being highly dependent on Kanas.[2]

Chronology Edit

After failing to bring a witch they had discovered in the Endless Lane to Kanas, due to an incident with several church sympathizers and Petrov Hull,[3] which resulted in Petrov taking her away to Border Town, Kanas was extremely angry at Sunflower and her teammates. He thought that they should've brought her to him sooner, and blamed them for ruining his opportunity to get a reward money by selling her to either nobility or the Church. Sunflower suspected him sending their entire team on a mission out in the cold was his way of punishing them.[2]

Then she became a mail carrier after Roland took control of the Longsong Stronghold. Since then, she has been running around the city every day to deliver mail. Thanks to that, she won the marathon in the first National Sports Meeting.

After winning the marathon, she decided to buy a bicycle and a house in Neverwinter with the reward money.[4]

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Snaketooth she has a crush on him.

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