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Summer is a witch of Witch Union. She works in Security Bureau under Nightingale as crime scene investigator. She is the first witch to awaken in Border Town since Roland’s rule.


Coming from the Southern territory near where the Mojin clan lives, Summer seems to have some of their ancestry; she has dark skin with silver hair.

In the manhua adaptation, she wears a beige dress with a grey sweater underneath. When she joins the Witch Union, she wears an outfit similar to a blackjack dealer.


Due to the recent abuse from her family and the initial misunderstanding about the Witch Union being a harem for the Prince, Summer was quiet and timid. However, thanks Wendy's nurturing, Summer gains confidence in her limited power and learns Roland is not the lecher previously rumored to be.

Summer begins feeling more at home with the Witch Union instead of her family, who greedily use Summer for her wages, while the Union treats her as a sister. Though she typically defers to her senior members of the Union for advice and decisions, preferring to let them settle matters.


She and her family are migrants from the Southern Territory, and they moved to an inner city residential district in the Border Town half a month ago before Summer turned 18.[1]

The day when she turned 18, her elder brother caught a fish as a gift for her, but it was taken away by her elder second sister, and only half of the tail was left for her in the end.

That night, she hugged her quilt and cried. Then she dreamed that the fish returned to her bowl. When she woke up, she discovered that the fish was indeed there, and that she also had a new elder sister.

One was sitting at the table and eating the fish, while the other one was paralyzed with fear on the floor. However, the former soon disappeared together with the fish. At that time, she could feel that, those things that appeared had something to do with her. However, when she told her family about it, she was beaten up by her father and told not to scare her second sister.

After that, her second sister called her a witch and said that she had to leave home. Her elder brother retorted that there was no issue with her being a witch as there were many witches in the town. Her family quarreled over it and in the end, they decided to send her to Roland Wimbledon,[2] for the witches' entitled wage of one gold royal per month.[3]


After joining the Witch Union, she became Nightingale's assistant, her job being to reconstruct crime scenes to show who the criminal was.[4]

Powers & Abilities[]


Her ability belongs to the summoning type. As she only awakened on what would have been her day of adulthood, her magic cannot get any stronger. Though should she come to understand her power better, she may be able to evolve it.


Past Event Recreation: She can recreate inaudible and untouchable illusions of specific past time periods. Should she focus on a specific time, that moment plays.



Her mother takes advantage of her status as a witch to get the monthly salary of a single gold royal.

Her brother defends her.

Witch Union[]


The first Witch Union member Summer meets. Wendy is very nurturing to Summer and explains her role, regardless of her power, is not any less important than the other witches.


Summer's superior at the Security Bureau. She gives Summer the information needed for what crime that needs to be reconstructed. She also encourages her and silences ignorant bystanders that distract her.


  • She serves as a magical "security camera" during investigations.
  • Summer's unique awakening was the first sign something was going wrong with the world, as according to Agatha, a few dozen witches should have awoken within the year;
Spoiler Warning
this was due to the Cradle database losing free space in its memory to give witches magic.




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