Steam engine is a heat external combustion machine converting steam power into mechanical power. Its spreading marked the beginning of industrial revolution in Western Region and transition from manual and livestock force to mechanical.

Production Edit

First steam engine's components were made by blacksmiths and Carter Lannis, then molded together by Anna[1]. It cost Roland 20 golden royals[2].

Modification Edit

Steam Engine II Edit

Thanks to Anna's Heart Fire new engine was welded better than the first one and looked polished. In addition, it was equipped with centrifugal governor , consisting of two hinged rods with iron balls at their end and one rotating spindle. When the steam engine worked, the spindle would rotate. If the engine output was high enough, the balls would spin faster and gradually rise under the influence of the centrifugal force, leading the rods to reduce the aperture of a throttle valve. When the output lowered, the balls would spin slower and fall because of gravity to increase the valve output again. This would keep the steam engine running with a near-constant output.

Trivia Edit

  • Roland decided to use high-pressure design for the first steam engine.

References Edit

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