Softfeathers was a member of the Bloodfang Association. She left and joined the Witch Union after getting tired of Heidi Morgan's lies and abuse.


She has long, brownish-red hair with bangs that just nicely covering her eyebrows. She is at most 1.4 meters tall in height.[1]

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Softfeathers' ability belongs to the enchanting type. At around the age of 16, she had already been awakened for four years, which was quite early among witches. It meant she had experienced the Demonic Torture four times. As a result, she had much more magic power than most of the young witches. The amount of her power was about half of the amount Anna possessed before her adulthood.[1]

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Adhesion Manipulation: She can turn an entire object into something very sticky or precisely make one side or a spot sticky. She can do this without consuming much of her power.

She is very skillful in controlling her magic, and although she never tried to, based on her consumption of my magic power, she guesses that if she uses all of her power to make one stone adhere to another, it could last for decades.

The biggest thing that she has ever applied her power to, was to an arm-thick crack in a section of a seawall. She had turned the crack sticky and filled it up with linen and pebbles to seal the break. Once it was done, the seawall could sustained the shock of the waves.[1]

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