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Sleeping Spell is a witch organization founded by Tilly Wimbledon. It was named after Sleeping Island, the shelter of runaway witches from all Four kingdoms, and absorbed various witch groups, e.g. Bloodfang Association.

They since moved to Neverwinter (partly due to Tilly losing a bet to Roland and partly due to witch equality existing there).


Sleeping Spell was formed by Tilly in the Fjords in order to provide work for the witches under her command, by hiring them to ordinary people who need specific abilities to help them. Aside from its primary business, there were also various convenience services on offer, such as reparation of damaged items, crafting of several exquisite artworks, fast house construction, as well as floriculture and fumigation. As long as the witches' abilities were not made use of for evil, 'Sleeping Spell' could offer any service.

It also enables more people to understand witches and build up friendly relations with them and to mend the fences between witches and ordinary people.

Another further use for the bounty guild is to find new uses for abilities which seem to be useless. This way, non-combat witches won't feel depressed that their abilities aren't useful.[1]


Before a contract is signed, the consent of the employee has to take into consideration the possible risks associated with the tasks, and they'll not to be forced to venture into grave danger or use their abilities for evil. Finally, all parties have to approve before an agreement can be made.

Also while Sleeping Spell must fulfill all requests, this doesn't mean that it'll be accepted, as there are some things that even witches can't do.[2]

Known Members[]


  • Thunder came up with some of the ideas for the regulations of the Sleeping Spell.[2] He was also the first patron of Sleeping Spell.[1]
  • In the manhua adaptation, the witches working for Tilly usually incorporate some kind of black jewelry in their apparel.


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