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Sleeping Island, also known as the homeland of the witches is the third largest island of the Fjords, but was a deserted island because once the sea tide comes, most of the land will be flooded by the sea. It became habitable only after the witches' arrival.

This island is the site of the witch colony established by Tilly Wimbledon, and as the homebase of Sleeping Spell, it hosted approximately 300 witches[1]. Now half of them are in Neverwinter City.


The towering island is similar to a small mountain which stood out above the sea level. The mountain wall is perfectly straight and precipitous, distancing the top of it by at least several feet from the sea level.

The Witches built a wall circling the island. The constructed pier of the island reaches to the half the wall’s height. If people ever wanted to step on the top and enter the island, they would have to climb the flight of steps which circled along the wall.

Instead of raising the island, under Tilly Wimbledon's order, the witches raised the outline of the island, turning the entire Sleeping Island into a basin surrounded by a thick edge.

The witches are living below sea level, and because of this, two docks exist: One at the bottom of the ocean, and one at sea level.[2]


Before Tilly Wimbledon's arrival, this island was uninhabited.



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