The Silicon-Based Civilization was a civilization that existed prior to the actual cycle of Battle of Divine Will.

They lost against the Radiation Clan.

Background Edit

They were a type of new creatures entirely different from carbon-based lifeforms — they were actually silicon-based.[1]

Their bodies were discovered by the Kingdom of Graycastle in the Southernmost Region.

Ancient ruin was not just confined to the underwater cave but it actually infiltrated the entire Endless Cape.

16 similar ruins in the vicinity of Festive Harbor. The area covered by these ruins was as large as seven or eight ports put together[2]

Roland Theory Edit

The desertification was probably not caused by the evaporation of water. Perhaps, the Silver Stream used to be a fertile land rather than an underground river.

Everything had, however, changed when a massive war had broken out.

The tablet men had been slaughtered by the radiation people, whose bodies littered the entire continent. According to the murals in the Temple of the Cursed, the Radiation Clan had won the God's relic and obtained the final victory.

As those bodies were silicon-based, they did not decay like those of carbon-based animals. These bodies had thus formed towering walls, which had subsequently blocked rivers and crushed trees. This rendered the whole land uninhabitable for all vegitation, except for some vines that struggled to live in the cracks of rocks.

The Southernmost Region had been, hence, destroyed.

Hundreds of years later, the bodies were reduced to sand after years of exposure to wind, and that was how the desertification had begun. The vines living in the cracks of rocks had gradually died out over the years. Plants were obliterated except those who were not covered by bodies. The plants that survived strived and thrived in the desert and turned sand back into earth.

The whole process had taken thousands of years.

During those thousands of years, the bodies on the top turned into the desert they saw today. The lower ones, however, piled up and formed the bank. Since the sand on the top constantly moved about, the pressure applied to the tablets below were subject to constant change.

As such, those tablets illuminated and extinguished alternatively, which made it really hard for plants down there to grow. Nonetheless, some species did survive the harsh environment. As for the land uncovered by the tablets, they had eventually become the Silver Stream Oasis where the Ironsand people of the Mojin Clan had settled down and prospered.

Trivia Edit

  • Roland also thought of many other potential applications of these unique electric silicides, such as pressure gauges, lighters, quartz clocks, etc

References Edit

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