Siege Beast is a magic driven walking vehicle used by Demons. It could be used both by demons and witches.

Background Edit

Siege Beast appeared during the Second Battle of Divine Will. It has been the most troublesome demon weapon for the Union. Due to its striking distance that was farther than any mangonel or ballista, witches had no choice, but to rely on Transcendents to lead the Blessed Army to charge into the enemy's position. In this way, even if they succeeded in crushing the Siege Beasts, they would not be able to avoid a large number of casualties.

Chronology Edit

After the battle with demon forces at Northbound Slope dozens of Siege Beasts were found, equipped for Red Mist transportation. By Roland's decision, they were put under the Ministry of Construction for construction teams needs.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Siege Beast's attack range reaches 1.5-2 kilometers, which made it the the most long-range weapon of conflict between humanity and demon civilization.

Due to greater transport capacity they were used as transport tool as well.

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