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Sharon is a member of the Witch Union.


She has a childish face and short rosy hair.[1]


Sharon is shown to have a strong sense of justice that she inherited from her father. She protected a younger classmate of hers who was being bullied because she was from the Eastern Region.


Sharon grew up in Mapleflower Town. Her parents were two patrol guards, and her father would always tell her to do the honorable thing saying that people would always pay for their mistakes so it is better to make up for them right away. Sharon's parents were killed during the war between Timothy and Garcia, and she was adopted by two of her father's friends. They took care of her, and she moved with them to the City of Neverwinter.


Sharon awoke as a witch while protecting one of her classmates from some older bullies. She released lightning from her body injuring several classmates and starting a fire in the classroom.

Sharon was in waiting in the hospital when Wendy arrived with food for the newly awakened witch.

Powers & Abilities[]


Her ability belongs to the summoning type.

Her magic cyclone ability is of an above-average standard. It is noted that this is comparable to an adult witches in Taquila.

As Sharon had only recently awakened, her control of magic power is very unstable.


Electricity Generation: She can generate electric currents. When she increases the intensity of her electric currents, the consumption of magic power would rapidly increase, and her electric currents would become strong enough to break wooden planks and melt iron. At a weaker intensity, she would need to touch the object to produce an effect, such as lighting a light bulb, albeit she was prone to burning the filament.[2]



  • Her hair color is rare in the Kingdom of Graycastle.[1] Similar to Shirayuki from Snow White with the Red Hair.
  • When thinking of Sharon , Roland rememebered something: "An electricity-generating young lady patrolling the streets and arresting criminals... this seems to be exceptionally familiar."[3] Which is a reference to Misaka Mikoto from Toaru Majutsu no Index.


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