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Serakkas (also called 'Silent Disaster') is the most powerful Senior Lord among the nine Senior Lords of the Demon Civilization[1] and the former guardian of the demons' Legacy Shard.

It currently resides at the Deity of Gods, its mission formally being supporting the Western Front.[2]


Silent Disaster despised the Mask and the Resentful Heart who had to rely on clothes to disguise their weaknesses.

It rarely spoke on a meeting. Like its name suggested, Silent Disaster had a taciturn character.

It is extremely proud, this is why it had not shared the incident in the Divine Land earlier. Nobody would like to admit that a low life had made it jump off the chair.[1]

Serakkas seems to cherish Valkries a lot, since she was apparently mentored by her. Due to this, she eventually acts against Mask [3] and arguably against the King to prevent Valkries from dying. [4]


Silent Disaster wore a gleamy black armor every day, its face completely masked by the visor, as though it did not care about its personal image, nor did it feel that the armor was uncomfortable to wear.[1]

Its face strikingly resembled that of a female human.[5] It has long blue hair.[6]


It is the strongest Lord.

It has been guarding the Legacy Shard for nearly 200 years and have seen many humans. Most of them either fled or drowned in Realm of Mind.[7]

It stays equipped with its armor and weapons at all times, except when in recuperation.[8]

Although the pronoun 'he' was used to refer to it until lately in the story, the demons don't have genders, and Serakkas in fact has a feminine appearance. "She" is a blue haired female demon, the student of Valkries and looks up to her very much.


Her name is 塞罗刹希, which could be translated as “Sarakshasy”. Because its name comes from two elements: Quiet and Rakshasi.

The ping yin of 塞 is Sai, which has a similar pronunciation with Sei, the “Quiet” in Japanese language, because she doesn’t like talking and the nickname “silent” disaster.

罗刹希 has a similar pronunciation with 罗刹斯(Rakshasi), which means the female demon in Buddhism. It is said that Rakshasa is extremely ugly and Rakshasi is extremely beautiful, they were educated by Buddha and be the guardian of Buddhism. Silent Disaster is a beautiful female “demon”, and also is the guardian of the King, these elements are similar to Rakshasi.


Silent Disaster was confronted by Roland in divine land where it lost.


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