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The Sand Nation also known as Mojin People (莫金族) or Sand People (沙民) is a human nation living in the Southernmost Region, beyond the Southern Region of the Kingdom of Graycastle.


Mojin people said to be descendants of Ironsand Giants, who once lived in the southwest of the barren lands (荒漠).[1]

Iron Axe did not use the name his clan called him by, rather using the name given by the people of Border Town, and apparently he did not want to have a relationship with the Shamin Kingdom. As for why, since it was obvious that he was from the Southwestern Border of the desolate lands, he estimated, that there were a series of sad stories involved.[1]

Clan system[]

Mojin people are divided into clans, the six great ones controlled Ironsand City and surrounding lands. After recent Holy Duel only five left, and their ranks changed. Osha Clan took 1st rank, Wildwave absorbed Blackfire and took 2nd rank, Wildflame descended to 3rd rank. Ironwhip Clan was destroyed before Holy Duel:

  1. Osha Clan
  2. Wildwave Clan
  3. Wildflame Clan
  4. Sandstorm Clan
  5. Cut Bone Clan

The minor clans live in smaller oases. Among them placed "watchdogs", who control oasis on behalf of great clan and prevents them to gain enough force to challenge great clans in Holy Duel.

  • Black Bone Clan
  • Sandstone Clan
  • Howling Clan
  • Silver River Clan
  • Fishbone Clan


Located in the southernmost region, the sand nation has received little attention from other nations due to its desolate lands. The region is covered entirely by a desert save for a few oasis. However, the land is rich in salt and fossil fuel[2].

  1. Ironsand City [de facto capital]


ANNEXATION ARC [748 - 771]


All the clans in the Sand Nation respect the holy duel. Those who tarnish the duels would be condemned by all the people of Sand Nation[3]. Outsiders are permitted to participate.

There are two ways to gain the respect and obedience of the Sand people. The first is to get the acknowledgment and blessing of the Three Gods. The second is to make an oasis for the nation[3].


The Sand Nation does not have a single ruler. The ruling party of the Sand Nation consist of the heads of the six clans who did not get their powers by inheriting but by fighting with strength via the holy duel.

Military Strength[]

The Sand Nation is estimated to have a population of 140,000[3].

Foreign Relations[]


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