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Due to the unpleasant nature and general ineptitude of the original Roland, none of his relatives enjoyed being around him and didn't have any expectations of him. Roland, on his part, only has what the original Roland remembers of them, and feels no real connection with his "family". He also did not feel anything when his father had died, since he has never seen him before.

Gerald Wimbledon[]

Cheng Yan has no fond memories of his eldest brother from the original Roland and feels nothing but indifference when he hears about his death.

Timothy Wimbledon[]

As Timothy was the main reason why Roland gained his twisted personality, Cheng Yan has no fond memories of his second eldest brother from the original Roland and only saw him as an obstacle to overcome when Timothy ascended as 'Wimbledon IV' and became the King of Graycastle. Eventually, both 'brothers' grew to despise each other as it became apparent that Roland's modern philosophy clashed with Timothy's medieval ideology during the Graycastle reunification wars. By the end of the war, Roland indifferently ordered for Timothy's execution for his crimes.

Garcia Wimbledon[]

Same as Gerald, Cheng Yan has no fond memories of his elder sister from the original Roland. He didn't know Garcia supposedly died until he saw her in his dream world.

Tilly Wimbledon[]

Tilly is one of the most intelligent people Roland has ever known, he had struggles trying to speak "Natural" bullshit in front of her when she questioned his identity. However, once Tilly and Roland get to know each other over a few hundred chapters, he thinks of Tilly as a reliable person whom he can discuss his plans with, with no worries. He places complete trust in her, and doesn't doubt her intentions or capabilities. Tilly eventually finds out that Roland is from another world through her observations of him.

Witch Union[]

Roland is the de facto leader of the Witch Union and the one who reformed them after their near annihilation. He provides them with shelter and other necessities without treating them like servants or slaves, leading to their total loyalty to him. Some have a particularly close relationship with him: In the later chapters, Roland receives hugs from his witches whenever he successfully overcomes an ordeal such as the devil's first attack on the hot air balloon, and the unconscious state caused by the dream world. All the witches trust Roland and are grateful to him.

Anna Wimbledon[]

Anna and Roland sharing a tender moment

Anna is the first witch Roland met and later becomes his wife during coronation ceremony. After witnessing her ability and realizing its uses, he pardoned her and hired her, despite his subordinates' protest. Thanks to Anna and his knowledge, they were able to start upgrading Border Town's way of life and make it better. Because of her remarkable intelligence, Roland enjoys teaching her and her company more than anyone else. He falls in love with her; something she reciprocates; with Roland not caring about her infertile nature as a witch, since he does not care about having a blood heir.

[Hide Spoiler] They eventually marry three years after their first meeting, with her becoming his wife and the Queen of Graycastle, On her request Roland made her the Minister of Industry, giving her the freedom to experiment with new objects and find ways to improve existing inventions.[Show Spoiler]

Roland enjoys sharing tender and teasing moments with Anna, whom only drops her matter-of-fact persona around him.

Nana Pine[]

Roland considers her to be the most important person for the Army along with himself. Roland often uses Nana as a mascot to change people's opinion on witches. He believed that, after years of training, she's no longer the timid little girl afraid of hurting a chicken.


Nightingale tends to sit nearby Roland

Nightingale and Roland met when the former sneaked in his room to talk about taking away Anna and Nana to the Witch Cooperation Association; which Roland was against, due to learning the Association was little more than vagabonds on an endless journey. Nightingale saw how well Roland treated the two, and how he wasn't frightened of her.

Roland is aware of Nightingale's feelings for him and he reciprocates those feelings, although their relationship was initially complicated due to Roland's and Anna's feelings for each other. That said, at the end of the novel, Roland and Nightingale [Hide Spoiler] started living together in the Dream World, along with Anna[Show Spoiler]. However, until then Nightingale didn't refrain from acting upon her own feelings from time to time while they were alone.


Sometimes Roland gets preached by Wendy or Scroll for acting reckless. He thinks Wendy is better suited for managing the Witch Union due to her caring personality. He was worried when Wendy and the other witches left for the front during the final battle against demons.


Apart from Anna and Nightingale, Lightning is the most carefree and open towards him considering she always hugs him like a Gecko and kisses him without slightest of hesitation. Roland often punishes her and Maggie with homework whenever they act reckless. Roland believes Lightning matured a lot after the battle of Taquila.


Roland thinks she is very mature, capable and a natural born teacher. After learning about her ability, he regularly teaches her Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and basic Biology so that he won't have to worry about forgetting previously learned knowledge and also Scroll can implement the universal education program and teach other witches, possibly triggering their evolution. Sometimes, he feels more like a junior in front of Scroll.

After becoming the king of Graycastle and during its reunification, he always relied on Scroll to create a summary of all the arguments and discussions during their city hall meetings, which reduced the burden of not remembering constant complaints of City hall officials.

Following Scroll's evolution to a Transcendent and thus [Hide Spoiler] gaining access to the Dream World, Roland wanted her to bring all the knowledge from the Dream World to develop Neverwinter[Show Spoiler].


Roland asked her to develop higher wielding crops and often gives her new crops to develop. After her evolution, she was asked to control the misty forest to guard Neverwinter against demons and Demonic beasts.


Despite her sharp tongue and constant bickering, she seems to care about Roland. Just like Mystery Moon, she also wants to be more useful for the development of Neverwinter and work for Roland than live as a freeloader but will never admit so verbally.

Mystery Moon[]

He thinks her ability has the most hidden potential, although he doesn't mention her smaller magic capacity in front of her due to her fragile self-confidence. Mystery Moon opens up and becomes less reserved after living in border town / Neverwinter.

Soraya Zoen[]

Roland often asks her to create new card games during their free-time.


Roland promises her to avenge her clan and uses her as a representative for [Hide Spoiler] conquering the southernmost region[Show Spoiler].


He often assigns her to carry heavy weapons and bombs during the wars.


Roland with Carter and Barov

Barov Mons[]

Roland sees Barov as a useful, if somewhat old-fashioned, subordinate. He trusts him with implementing many of his plans to improve life in Border Town. Barov is also acting as Roland's chief manager, which includes handling spies, refugee problems, finances and many others.

Carter Lannis[]

Roland trusts Carter with a variety of responsibilities and knows the knight supports and trusts him completely.

Karl van Bate[]

Karl van Bate was entrusted by Roland to be the Minister of Construction, assigned to be in charge of all construction projects in Border Town.

Iron Axe[]

Roland's trusted commander of the First Army

Despite Iron Axe having an identity of a half-breed mojin, Roland acknowledges Iron Axe's abilities and loyalty, and trusts him with leading his army. In return, Roland gained a trusty subordinate who can interrogate his enemies via mental ways. It's rare for Iron Axe to disagree with Roland; he will only speak against Roland's choices should they put the Prince in danger. Though most often, Iron Axe relents when Roland points out he will have adequate protection from the Witch Union.


Theo is Roland's spymaster. Theo later passes down his spy skills to Hill Fawkes.

Petrov Hull[]

Loyal to Roland. Works as Longsong Area Castellan. Roland has his absolute loyalty and in return, he honors Roland's requests.

Kyle Sichi[]

Roland relies on the former alchemist to find all the chemicals he needs for his projects. He relies on the knowledge in his mind to keep Kyle employed. During the period [Hide Spoiler] before he could access the Dream World[Show Spoiler], Roland had to find ways to weasel out of giving Kyle more advanced knowledge, as his memory wasn't perfect like Scroll's.

Edith Kant[]

She is a talented and intelligent woman. She is a high ranking member of Roland's new kingdom. Unlike most nobles, she took to Roland's new system of law and order without complaint.[1] She acts as his defense officer, and she has a rivalry with Barov.


Margaret Farman[]

Roland thinks of Margaret as a good, reliable business partner and a friend. She is his first choice when it comes to purchasing anything. He noticed how excited she becomes when she recognizes Lightning.


Roland meets Thunder for the first time after he defeats Timothy. He built a powerful ship for Thunder, in exchange, Thunder must report his findings to Roland upon discovering anything due to the contract.


Osmond Ryan[]

Roland saw Osmond Ryan as his first obstacle in consolidating the Western Region under his control, knowing full well of Ryan's intentions. Therefore, he planned to rebel against the duke once he had sufficient firepower.

Ryan later died in the battle against Roland.

The Church[]

The Church saw Roland as a threat to their plan to unify the four countries, with their view of him growing more dangerous with each of his victories. Despite that fact, Roland's forces and the Church has never faced each other in actual combat until the final confrontation. All attacks from the church were blocked by Ashes and Garcia individually.

Dream World[]

"Garcia"/Jia Xiya[]

[Hide Spoiler] Garcia appears in Roland's Soul Apartment as a new identity, a martial artist named Jia Xiya. After learning that Roland is awakened, she convinced him to join the Martialist Association and defend the people. Although she still possesses an arrogant attitude, this version of Garcia seems to show concern to others.[Show Spoiler]


[Hide Spoiler] Originally an enemy of Roland, he used Newton's law of physics to defeat her. After that, her memories are erased, her messed up personality gone, Zero has degraded into a young girl who somewhat cares for Roland. Due to her age, she tends to throw tantrums, but in spite of this she can be mature.[Show Spoiler]


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