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The Neverwinter City Castle is home to Roland Wimbledon and all the Witch Union founders except Nana Pine.


There are approximately seven guest bedrooms. Anna had her own (until she became queen when it was later given to Olivia and Schelo), while the Witch Union shared rooms as duos: Nightingale and Wendy, Scroll and Leaf, Mystery Moon and Lily, Soroya and Echo, Hummingbird and Lightning. Once the White sisters got the last spare room, Roland had the Witch House built to accommodate more members.

There is a garden with a gazebo, turned into a place of beauty by Leaf. The garden is where celebrations are held by the Union; though if there are newcomer witches, they dine inside to make them feel safer.

One bathroom has a tub Roland modified to use modern plumbing; Soraya painted the room to look like a beautiful landscape for optimal relaxation.[Citation needed]

Roland has an office, where he spends most of the day going over reports; Nightingale typically stays by his side to protect him and determine lies from the news presented to him.

There is a ravine in an abandoned well, and its end is connected with the castle’s water supply. Through it, he planned to silently enter the castle garden.[1]

There is also a warehouse.[2]


The Castle in Border Town hadn’t always stood in the place it stood now.

When they laid the foundation for the first castle, the ground collapsed due to an underground cave. Because of this, the Castle position had been moved.

The already excavated sewers were mostly destroyed in the collapse, and some parts were still intact, but these parts were also discarded because of the relocation and redevelopment of the castle.

When Brian was still young, he often played in these underground tunnels, and one day he accidentally found a route from an abandoned well outside the castle wall that directly lead to a well in the castle garden. Brian told the news of this discovery to his father, but he got a severely beating in return. His father also warned him that trespassing into the lord’s castle was a capital offense, in the case that he was found it could only end with a journey to the gallows.

Through this Brian was frightened for his life and never went into the old sewers again. However, when people get together they will start to drink and chat, and during such occasions he had repeatedly boasted about his own ability to have direct access to the castle. Now he was extremely regretting it.

The entire town’s patrol apart from Greyhound were nine men. In other words, Fierce Scar had convinced the entire town’s patrol – and they were now working for Duke Ryan, who was in control of the western part of the kingdom. Furthermore, the rewards were so good, that presumably only very few people could withstand this temptation.

The abandoned well was in the part of the place which collapsed in the beginning, and it was still a wasteland even today. Fierce Scar ordered Brian with his sword to lead the way, and during the whole time on their way to the well Brian was caught in the middle of the group. The fairly spacious waterways he could remember from his childhood had now become very narrow. Because nobody went through this way, the water diversion had dug many holes in which have grown many vines.[2]

This abandoned channel was just in the middle of the castle sewer. At the time of the repairs, maybe due to negligence, they didn’t seal this interface. Fierce Scar stuck close to the wall and took a probing look, at his feet the rushing water was three feet deep, and when he looked upwards he was able to see the night sky through a small hole.[2]