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Retnin was a former chief alchemist in the Alchemist Workshop in the King's City of Graycastle, who then later started working for Roland Wimbledon in the City of Neverwinter.



After starting working for Roland in the chemistry field, he showed a special interest in creating bombs and explosives.[1]


Retnin worked in the Alchemist Workshop from very young to achieve his top position there. It took him 34 years to go from apprentice to chief.[2]


After Roland Wimbledon became the new king of Graycastle, he visited the Alchemy Workshop along with his chief alchemist, Kyle, who offended the three chief alchemists there with his claims about alchemy and chemistry. After using his superior knowledge of chemistry, Kyle managed to recruit quite a number of chemists to work in the City of Neverwinter, including Retnin.



Kyle Sichi[]

Kyle once applied to join the Alchemist Workshop of the King's City years ago as an aspiring alchemist. However, his invention failed to work during the review process, which Retnin was overseeing as the reviewing alchemist. Retnin got outraged and kicked him out, while seizing most of his money as compensation.

When Kyle visited the workshop years later as Roland's chief alchemist in order to recruit the chemists there, he told Retnin that he was "just claiming what he deserves" after successfully convincing the alchemists.[3] However, he still didn't refuse Retnin's request to join alongside the others.[4]


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