The Radiation Clan, was a civilization that existed prior to the First Battle of Divine Will of the humans.

They were the final victor, but their whereabouts are unknown. The Temple of Curse on the Cage Mountain was built by the Radiation Clan.


This clan, which had not been recorded by history, seemed to have an inexplicable sense of worship for radioactive elements. It used brick ore to build a temple for sacrifices and even used it to torture the enemy. Some were even made to swallow the ore. Those bodies that were filled with green fluorescence, as seen through Azima's eyes, were proof that it happened. Although it was unclear whether their demise had a direct connection with this kind of worship, it was appropriate to call them a radioactive clan.[1]


They fought against other civilizations such as the Silicon-based Civilization.

According to the murals in the Temple of the Cursed, the radiation people had won the God's Relic and obtained the final victory in a previous Battle of Divine Will.[2]

Known Technology Edit

Magic Cube Edit

The mechanism of this Cube was probably very similar to that of ionizing radiation. Its source material was the uranium coin. Although what activated the Cube remained a mystery, the result was pretty much the same as only the Magic Ceremony Cube could direct energetic particles to a certain spot.[3]

Roland POV Edit

The last piece of the Relic was inserted, and the transparent crystal became complete. It emanated a dazzling glow and drifted toward the pit. Then it plunged and disappeared from the sight.
Roland suddenly realized that this was probably what Lan called the "Bottomless Land".
An orange light beam erupted from the pit and soared into the air.

The Radiation Clan swarmed toward the pit as flying moths darted into the fire.
But they did not plummet into the abyss. Instead, they drifted off as if supported by something and rose to the sky.

Radiation Clan were willing to enter the new world. Some preferred to stay. Probably, they feared the sky and the unknown adventure ahead of them

A huge wave taller than the Impassable Mountain Range pressed in and submerged the little towns below instantly. The wave was so high that the top of it almost reached the clouds in the sky. Sun rays glazed off the wave and formed a new horizon.
After the tsunami, volcanos at the distance suddenly erupted. Ashes were sent flying in all directions and dimmed the sunlight. Thunderbolts cracked through the air. Then there came heavy rain and harsh winter. The geographical movement became, unprecedentedly, active. After several major disastrous transformations, the world had transformed into an entirely different look.[4]

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