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Pure Witches are witches raised by the Church and directly managed by the Bishops and the Pope.


It can be assumed all official pure witches wear a white overall with various golden crosses and patterns covering the clothing.


Many pure witches are nourished and brainwashed by the core members of the church such as Heather, Tayfun or Mayne. Pure witches are twisted to the point where they are willing to "share their pain" by torturing or killing people/other witches in order to realize the goals of the church. They call other witches outside of the church "fallen" and will not hesitate to get rid of them. They also serve to kill those witches and believers who have betrayed the church. Pure witches may not even revert to their original innocent mindset ever again in their lifetime since they are brainwashed since young, proving how powerful the mind control stimulus the church uses, therefore Roland say it may be better to kill them to any potential innocent deaths caused by pure witches. Pure Witches who are directly nurtured by the Pope are normally more stronger compared to Tayfun or Heather's, perhaps due to the position.[1]

There were also witches who awaken in he cloister of Church like Vanilla and Margie, they belonged to the church but weren't considered Pure Witches since they weren't raised by Archbishops or pope. They were used as sacrifices to create God's punishment Army.


After the defeat of the church, all remaining Pure Witches now work for Roland.


All women awakened as witches in the church are carefully selected and chosen. Only those possessing top/powerful abilities are trained over the years by the top members of the church mentioned above. The remaining witches who possess abilities useless to the church are probably used as nourishment material for creating God's Punishment Warriors. At least 1,000 innocent witches died for this ritual, since the success rate isn't 100%.

Known Members[]


  • Pure witches are considered to be more precious compared to God's Punishment Warriors, because of the time taken to groom them, and their rarity. Around ~0.1% of all women taken in by the church awaken as combat witches.
  • The brainwashing of pure witches by the Church can be reverted, but that is not the case for witches who have spent several years under the teachings of the Church.


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