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Prius Dessau is a former knight of Elk family.


After two years of quiet life, his once taut body has additional weight and a big belly.[1]


Prius considered himself unsuited to be a knight, not being as brave as his father or wise as his mother. He did not like to hunt, not to mention killing people. During an assault, Prius rode behind other people. 

Two years later he got a habit to remember his days as a knight, avoiding mentioning his service to Duke Ryan.[1] 


Prius has a family and at least one son. Instead of sword practice he was raising chickens and ducks and caring of his fields.


Prius Dessau participated in Duke Ryan's campaign against Prince Roland, he was captured and was moved to Border Town. He was confined in remade residence together with Ferlin Eltek, Sirius Daly, Halon and the other knight of Ryan. Soon after a little quarrel he was called to Roland and was offered either become junior teacher or work for prince in mines for twenty years, with salary and days off. When he was asked about skills, which could benefit Border Town, he proposed his knowledge of poultry breeding. Roland agreed to to his request and promised to give land and salary equal to secondary teacher, however reminded him if project fails he would be sent to mines.[2]

After joining the City Hall, he had been continuously moving up in his career. He was in charge of poultry breeding, and during rapid growth of City of Neverwinter's population he expanded allocated zone several times, turning it into huge poultry factory. Two years after he took this task he was in charge of over a hundred employees, which were raising about 10,000 birds. For this, he was called Chicken-and-duck Knight, the nickname he was proud of.

One day he was called to Roland, the king offered him a secret work without right to say anyone about it, which he accepted with some hesitation. After that he was took to Third Border City's undeground facility, where he was introduced to Pasha. When shock faded, he was led to rubber worms' cave, where Roland explained him a new task, which is to raise worms and find the way to collect mucus effectively. As a reward, If Prius succeed he would be commemorated on Award and Honor Ceremony.[3]




  • Junior teacher's salary initially is 20 silver royals per month and would increase by 5 silver royals every year.
  • Intermediate teachers get 50 silver royals per month, with the increase of 10 silver royals every year. Prius's salary as City Hall's official is close to Ferlin Eltek's salary.


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