Phyllis, also known as No. 76, was formerly a witch who transferred her soul into a God's Punishment Warrior. She is a member of the Taquila Witches.

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In the Dream World she has tawny long hair, with her side-swept bangs clipping to one side, revealing half of her forehead and soft facial features, that gives an impression of a gentle and delicate character.[1]

God's Punishment Witch Edit

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During the Second Battle of Divine Will, she was the guard of the Three Chiefs.[1]

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She was Yorko's guide when he visited Black Money auction. After Yorko got attacked, she failed to protect him and was going to be disregarded. Yorko offered to buy her for 500 gold royals but was given for free to make up for the accident. Ran away with Yorko and witches from Kingdom of Dawn to Kingdom of Grayscale. 

On the way out of the country, they were attacked by knights of the Kingdom of Dawn and she acted as a bait. It was revealed that she was actually one of the witches from the past who was inserted into a body of a God's Punishment soldier. Her mission was to infiltrate Western Region and find the Chosen One. 

Powers & Abilities Edit

As a God's Punishment Witch, she has inhuman strength, speed and reaction. In addition, after 400 years of practice she mastered all kinds of cold weapons.

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Her ability belongs to the summoning type.

Awakening: Edit

Blade Claws (Claw Retraction): She can grow two black, scrawny claws, that look like a pair of devil's hands or skeletal wings, out of her back and spread out on her shoulders. The claws are retractable and can stretch as far as her ability allows. They're also much sharper than ordinary ironware.[1]

Should the claws break and be separated from her, as long as the broken claws are within a distance of 10 steps, she can still control them. For her enemies, it'll be even more dangerous than the intact claws, since most of them never expect those broken claws to move again, they can seldom escape from this kind of fatal strikes from the back.[2]

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Phyllis was initially dismissive of Yorko, thinking him a mortal who just likes enjoying himself and following orders.

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  • It took her 50 years to get used to manipulate her new Body/Shell.[3]

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Phyllis as No. 76

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