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Paper is a member of the Witch Union.


She is a young girl with dark-brown hair.

Due to living as a Rat for years, she was skin and bones with yellowed skin from malnutrition. After spending time with the Witch Union, Paper began filling out and looking less sickly.


Paper is a timid girl. Despite being saved from church fanatics, she feared she would be harmed by her rescuer even when he told her that he was taking her to a place where witches lived. Once there, she was comforted by Wendy and saw the Witch Union live as equals; she warmed up to Roland, who gave her time to acclimate to the new friendly environment.


Paper was an orphan from Longsong Stronghold. she used her power to clear the snow on the roofs in exchange for food.


During the Months of Demons Paper was discovered to be a witch by several fundamentalist refugees still loyal to the Church in Longsong Stronghold. Before the fanatics could lynch her she was saved by Petrov Hull who then brought her with him to Border Town.

Powers & Abilities[]


Her ability belongs to the summoning type.


Molecular Speed Manipulation: She can lower or raise the energy levels of molecules, which led to freezing and melting.[1] Some aspects of her ability are; melting snow[2] and cool hot water faster,[3] and according to Roland, after a long time, she could oxidize objects.[1]



An orphan friend of her, Snaketooth would often provide food to Paper and other orphans. He was the one who suggested that Paper use her abilities to clear snow for money. He was not prejudiced towards her for being a witch and attempt to protect her from the mob that was about to kill her.

Snaketooth loves Paper, but was later friend-zoned by her: "I like you, Paper!" he blurted out. […] Paper replied to him at once. She answered brightly with a smile, "I like you too, and also everybody." "[4] However, he may try again at some point.




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