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Otto Luoxi[n 1] is a member of the Luoxi families, one of the most powerful families in the City of Glow, the capital of the Kingdom of Dawn.


Due to the siege of the church against the 4 kingdoms, the kindom of dawn decides to send otto and another person to GrayCastle to form an alliance. Due to Timothy's instability, he visits Neverwinter to talk to Roland and see who was most likely to be the King of GrayCastle.

He is briefly imprisoned in Neverwinter, as people confuse him with a spy. He reunites with Andrea, explains his situation to Roland and retires to tell his kingdom about the situation.



He was sent together with his sister to the Kingdom of Graycastle, as an envoy from the Kingdom of Dawn to discuss countermeasures against the church with Timothy. Meets with Roland after hearing the rumors related to Border Town.


Helped Yorko buy the witch Amy and escape from the Kingdom of Dawn.

and later was imprisoned by Appen Moya for betrayal.

In the battle where Appen Moya is removed from the dawn kingdom, he is released and serves GrayCastle as an heir of the Luoxi family.

Finally he gets the courage to declare Andrea, but she rejects him, explaining that he has arrived too late, and that she already has another person, presumably referring to Tilly Wimbledom.



Belinda Luoxi[]

Andrea Quinn[]

His friend since childhood. Has a crush on her.

Oro Tokat[]

His friend since childhood.

Appen Moya[]

His friend since childhood, for the relationship between the 3 large families and the royal family. After the death of the Moya king he becomes his enemy.

Roland Wimbledon[]

His savior and his true king. (He thinks he has a relationship with Andrea).


  • He first appeared in Chapter 400.


  1. His name was inconsistently written as Otto Passi (奥托.洛溪) in Chapters 934-935.