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Nightfall is a witch and former member of Bloodfang Association.


Despite not geing a pure combat witch, Heidi Morgan still recruited her because of her very useful ability.


She was submissive to Heidi's orders just like every other member of Bloodfang Association but still questioned Heidi's order to kill Annie (who was actually an illusion created by Shadow) which shows she hasn't lost her compassion.[1]


Seed of Symbiosis: Nightfall can link herself to another person. This can help keep them alive, as any food she takes in is shared between them. Thus she has to eat twice as much.

Seed of Peaceful Death: As its name suggests, it can kill another person, however Nightfall can also adjust the time of death.[2]


  • Nightfall served as life support to... [Hide Spoiler] Roland and Lorgar.[Show Spoiler]


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