The Neverwinter Exploration Group is an exploration team founded by Lightning.

Background Edit

Lightning's father once told her that one person alone could hardly complete a real adventure, she decided to build her own team to become a great explorer.[1]

Chronology Edit

Bases Edit

The Group has many bases in the Barbarian Land.[1]

Tree Stump Base Edit

The Group has a secret base in a big hollowed tree stump. It has a small door facing the steep slope and a window opposite to the door to let the air flow. The door and window have bolts behind them so that they could be locked to ensure safety.

Inside it there is a pile of firewood and some simple stone chairs. A part of the roof above the open fireplace could be opened for venting smoke and it could also act as a double for an escape hatch in the event of an emergency, and all the firewood was shelved in higher places to avoid being soaked in water and two ditches were dug out in the ground to ensure good drainage. There are many other similar details in the room and although there was a decaying smell in the room, it was not humid.[1]

Goals Edit

They explore uncharted areas and mark them on a map, by drawing anything they discover, such as bird's nests, honeycombs, wolf caves, etc. They also explore unknown secrets and different food.[1]

Rules Edit

One of the most important rules of the exploration group is that one can't enjoy new different food alone, and has to wait until the are all together, before they eat them.[1]

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