Nana Pine a witch from Border Town. She is the daughter of Tigui Pine.

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Nana is described as looking like a little girl, young and innocent.

Personality Edit

Nana was a lighthearted and playful girl. After class she liked to play with birds or roll in the grass watching fight between insects. Unlike her friend Anna she constantly smiled, as if world's sorrows were unknwon to her.

When she started practice she cried over deliberately injured animals due to her timid nature and was scared of severe injuries.

After some experience, she has become a courageous woman who is willing to step onto the battlefield to heal her allies.

Background Edit

Nana lost her mother a some point and was raised by only her dad since then. She attended Karl van Bate's lesson, but was noticeably not as attentive as other students.

Chronology Edit

Nana in tears confessed to Karl van Bate in recent awakening after Anna's supposed execution, and asked if she would be hanged as well[2]. Seeing Anna was spared by Roland Karl introduced Nana to him. She told she had awaken a week before, trying to help a bird with broken leg. Test on chicken was conducted on-site, the bird was repeteadly injured and healed, which left Nana dissatisfied. After the test she was sent away[3].

After sabotage plan of Hills Medde had failed Roland ordered Nightingale to secretly bring Nana to heal Brian. When she saw him covered in blood she almost fainted, yet cured him and was returned home the same way[4].

When Tigui Pine found out the truth she ran to Roland's castle in fright. After clearing arisen misunderstanding Tigui accepted her awakening and assured he wouldn't change his attitude. He reluctantly agreed to let her stay in Border Town during winter[5].

Nana was assigned to hospital converted from fleed noble's house and practiced her magic in spare time. Her first patient was a miner whose face was burned by steam exhaust. Bearing the fear she returned his face to original state[6]. Since then if horn wasn't sounded Nana stayed in hospital and treated wounded militiamen and citizens under protection of her father and guardsmen. During massive attacks of demonic beasts she had being near the wall and treated wounds.

She painlessly went through her Day of Awakening, confirming Roland's hypothesis of safe survival by releasing magic power[7].

Powers & Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Her ability belongs to the summoning type.

Awakening Edit

Healing: She produces a semi-liquid substance from her hands that only she can see. This liquid, when in contact with physical injuries, causes the wounds to heal rapidly. She can restore the damaged parts, including splits, fractures and bruises. She can also join amputated limbs together, but if the body part was completely missing, she could not regenerate it. Finally, she cannot reverse life and death, as her treatment became useless once people die.[8]

After a few months of practice, she has become capable of regrowing minor body parts, such as fingers, if she put enough magic power into it. It takes her a quarter of an hour, to slowly regrow someone's fingers. The bones wold grow first, then flesh and skin, at last nails and hair. This is exhausting for her to treat the broken limbs this way. However, she still cannot bring back limbs at once due to her limited magic power volume.[9]

With Lily's help, she can successfully exchange the limbs of different species, like exchanging the wings of roosters and grey eagles. The down side is that the limbs lose their functions after she joined them, so she has to exchange them back again.[10]

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Tigui Pine Edit

Nana loves her father and wishes that he would remarry.

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City of Neverwinter Edit

Nana Pine is the most popular witch in City of Neverwinter. She is called Angel and highly revered by the First Army and civilians. Thanks to her healing ability, the Border Town Militia followed by citizens changed their attitude towards witches.

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