Nail[n 1] is a First Army soldier. Before joining the army ranks he worked at the mine and was responsible for steam engine operating.

Appearance Edit

Nail is a short young man.

Background Edit

Nail was a young miner, which was why his foreman Iron Head allocated him less work.

Chronology Edit

Nail was assigned to control steam machine and warn everyone before exhausting it. He didn't notice Iron Head and scalded him by accident. He took the injured miner and brought him to the field hospital.[1]

Soon he left work at the mines and joined the First Army ranks. After Brian's knighting he was the only one of the team who talked to him, calling him His Excellency though. Nail often spoke that he talked with Roland.[2]

Footnotes Edit

  1. His name was also incorrectly translated as "Nils." His name in original language, 钉子, means "little nail(s)."

References Edit

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