Nail[n 1] is a First Army soldier. Before joining the army ranks he worked at the mine and was responsible for steam engine operating.

Appearance Edit

Nail is a short young man.

Personality Edit

During the battle against the Church at Coldwind Ridge, he hesitated to shoot a Pure Witch as she looked so young.[1] This matter affected him deeply, and he attempted to resign afterwards but was rejected by Iron Axe.[2] Even after leaving his position in the machine gun team and becoming an observer, its influence didn't fade.[3]

Background Edit

Nail was a young miner, which was why his foreman Iron Head allocated him less work.

Chronology Edit

Nail was assigned to control steam machine and warn everyone before exhausting it. He didn't notice Iron Head and scalded him by accident. He took the injured miner and brought him to the field hospital.[4]

Soon, he left work at the mines and joined the Militia on Iron Head's advice. Not long after he joined, it was reorganized into the First Army. After participating on the town's defense against Duke Ryan and the troops sent by Timothy, he was promoted to a team leader in the Flintlock Squad.[5]

He participated in the Battle of King's City[6] and the battle against the Church at the Coldwind Ridge.[1] After the latter battle, he resigned from his position as a gunner and became an observer, responsible for protecting machine gunners.[3]

Relationships Edit

Iron Head Edit

The foreman at the North Slope Mountain took care of Nail whenever he could. When the first steam engine was sent to increase the production, he chose Nail as the operator. After the Militia successfully defended the town during the Months of Demons, he suggested Nail join them as it was a much more promising job than being a miner.

Brian Edit

After Brian's knighting, Nail was the only one of the team who talked to him, calling him His Excellency though. Nail often spoke that he talked with Roland.[7]

Footnotes Edit

  1. His name was also incorrectly translated as "Nils." His name in original language, 钉子, means "little nail(s)."

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