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The Mother of Soul or parent body is a being responsible for managing the production of Red Mist through its respective Birth Tower and the towers' growth over time. There is at least one for each demon city. The Demon Civilization was only possible due to its existence and is almost entirely dependent on it.


It resembles a ball with sludge-like tentacles growing all over its body with a symmetrical pair of compound eyes over its head. Its size equal three central carriers. It also appears to have a root which generally stays connected to a Birth Tower. [1]


The Mother of Soul was the origin of everything, the most important individual out of the whole clan. It would only reach its maturity when magic power reached its peak and when the Divine Will emerged. By that time, the Mother of Soul would be fused with the raw God's Punishment Stone. Within a few years, the God's Stone mine would transform into a high tower that would further produce more Red Mist via magic power.[1]

It apparently lives below each Red Mist Lake around a Birth Tower and to the Witches it appeared to be either a variant demon or a Chaos Beast birthed from a Magic stone.[2]


It was mentioned by Celine while she was on board the Deity of Gods and soon further explained by Mask. The parent body inside the Deity of Gods was modified by him to control not only the production of Red Mist through the use of Magic power but also the flight control of the Deity of Gods. [2]

After its God's Stone of Retaliation reserves were running out that specific Mother of Soul, which was now fused with Eleanor, got transfered to the North Slope Mountain's mine near Neverwinter.[1]

Power and Abilities[]

Its body and magic power are as strong as the King and other Demon Lords, and has the ability to produce Red Mist through its fusion with a Birth Tower. Through Mask's experiments he is able to make it able to control the entire floating system of the Deity of Gods by sacrificing its rational capabilities.[2]


  • It is first refered to as parent body, but soon after it is almost exclusively called by Mother of Soul from there on.
  • Mothers of Soul seem to have a sterile subtype, which are born out of the period when the Divine Will emerged. They can also fuse with God's Stones to form smaller Mist Storage Towers, which cannot generate Red Mist anew, but can store it (by nourishing the microscopic biota within it) for a long time.


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