"Every winter, after the first snow fell and the sun had disappeared behind the mountains, an intense darkness would descend upon the world. At that time, the gates of hell would open and release demons into the world."  - Barov Mons[1]

Months of Demons is an annuial irregular period of year when magic power reaches its peak. Usually it occurs during winter but its longevity varies from 3 to almost 5 months.

Background Edit

In Witch Federation the Months were a period of celebrations for new witches could replenish losses, while their families were generously rewarded. Besides, because of Demonic beasts Devils had to cease their attacks which had given Federation respite.

Witch awakening Edit

It's noted that most of witches are awaken during Months of Demons; they are more powerful than witches who awoke in another times of year.


While southern lands almost don't feel impact of the Months on their lives, in regions closest to Impassable Mountain Range sun hides behind clouds after first snow and appears again at spring. Entire regions are covered by snow which would melt whole month after the Months of Demons end, leaving them isolated by land routes. Only river traffic allows some trade until roads show up from under snow. 

During Months of Demons various Demonic beasts and Demonic hybrids overrun lands and seas, attacking border villages and careless travelers. Most ferocious attacks fall on the Holy city of Hermes, and Church regularly gathered Four Kingdoms' armies to help repelling beasts' assaults.

Due to threat of nautic Demonic beasts sea traffic, trade and travels ceased as well.


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